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8 Powerful Tips That Can Help You Become a Network Marketing Guru

by Herm6nn

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Successful business networking is bringing together like-minded people who become walking, talking advertisements for each other through the building of relationships.

Bear in mind that networking is about being bona fide, building confidence and seeing how your relationship can truly help others. Here are 8 powerful tips that can help you become a Network Marketing Guru:

Network Marketing Guru: 8 Step Process

1. Always figure out what your specific goals are in attending each networking event before you even walk into a room. This will help you pick groups or associations to help you get what you’re looking for.

2. During your networking conversations, ask open-ended questions that ask who, what, where, when, or how. Try to avoid the questions requiring a simple yes or no answer. By using this questioning line you can open the discussion to us and show listeners you are interested in.

3. Become the center of walking resources. When you become known as a powerful resource, others remember to turn to you for advice, ideas, other people’s names etc. This keeps you at the top of their minds. A network marketing guru would normally be active on Social Media, where they post content on a daily basis to keep their connections engaged.

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4. Make sure that you’ve prepared your “elevator speech” and know it like the back of the hand. An elevator speech is the widely accepted answer that you would give in the period of time it will take in an elevator to hit the tenth floor. Always practise your game and be genuine so that when you relay it to someone who asks what you are doing you don’t sound automated.

5. Often know what’s going on in public affairs, if you’re not feeling relaxed just moving into a game when you encounter somebody first, have a back-up subject to crack the ice before you do.

6. Never throw your business card at anybody the minute you meet them, you have to get to know the person and their business as well as explain your business before even considering an exchange of business cards. Some people would consider you to be rude, pushy and unprofessional which, in effect, would badly reflect on your company.

7. Always contact your new contacts by phone or email and let them know that you enjoyed meeting them. If possible, mention things you talked about on a more personal note (i.e. I hope you enjoyed the movie you were going to watch that night) people will come to understand you as someone who listens, remembers them, and they will build a trust with you.

8. A most key point to remember is to quickly and efficiently follow through on referrals given to you. When people send you references, they ‘re a comment of your behavior. Value and respect their confidence, which can dramatically improve the referrals.

Final Thoughts: Is it possible to become a Network Marketing Guru?

I think with time and effort, one can reach such a level. So there you have it, some of the easiest and the simplest steps that the top Network Marketers use on a day to day basis. By using this alongside a variety of other tools and techniques, you can truly become Network Marketing Guru as more people get to know you.

P.S a great place to start networking would be LinkedIn.

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