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Beginners Guide To Creating Your First Affiliate Marketing Website

by Herm6nn
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It doesn’t have to be a hassle to create your first affiliate marketing website even though you don’t have a clue on how to create a website. If you have never built an affiliate marketing website before, it may sound like a daunting task. I’ve been there, done it.

There’s so many questions that you probably ask yourself. Are you shelling out the money to have someone build your website? Would you use one of the website builders “drag and drop” out there, like ClickFunnels or Builderall? Do you need to learn computer coding? Is a WordPress website better than other platforms for building sites out there? These are all just a few of the questions which are likely to run through your head.

Okay take some deep breaths because I will make it so easy for you. We’ll walk together, step by step, through this. Let’s get started.

What An Affiliate Marketing Website Is (And How You Can Profit From It)

Affiliate marketing websites are developed for referring visitors to products and services that meet their needs. Every time you end up making a successful referral, whatever program you’ve signed up for, you get paid some  commission. That sounds simple but getting right can be tricky.

However, this type of marketing is a popular way to monetize websites and this is why:

  • It requires little startup capital. Anyone, even with a small budget, can set up a blog and start writing content.
  • There are hundreds of programs to choose from within affiliates. There are affiliate chances for virtually any niche you could think of.
  • Could be automated. To streamline the process, you can use dedicated tools, and even hire people to create content and manage your website.

In my experience, if you are looking for a personal project that can earn you some extra money, affiliate marketing sites are a solid option. Let’s talk about knowing whether they’re a good fit for you.

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What You Need To Know Before We Get Started

You should have a decent understanding behind how online affiliate marketing actually works, before we begin building your 1st affiliate marketing website. If you have a clear grasp of the affiliate business strategy and how long it ACTUALLY takes to make some money online, you’ll be in a much stronger place to thrive.

How much is this going to cost? If you don’t want to spend too much money on that right now, I completely understand it. But, if I’m going to give you a guide on how to create the first affiliate marketing website, I’m going to teach you how to do this the proper way. In order to create the first affiliate marketing website the correct way, you ‘re going to be spending a little bit of extra money on “domain name” and “website hosting” (if you don’t know what such things are, don’t worry, I ‘m going to get into it a little later).

In this guide, I’m going to suggest a top-quality service which will help you establish both of these items. I’m also going to include a more expensive alternative that includes excellent guidance to help you develop a profitable affiliate marketing site. Whatever you want to do is absolutely fine.

Choosing An Affiliate Marketing Niche

Before you can even think of launching your first affiliate marketing website, you have to know in the first place what your website is about. and what topic(s) should you cover? What resources do you want to advertise and sell on your website?

For new affiliate marketers, the most critical thing I can suggest is to understand your own level of interest and experience in the niche that you chose. At least you need to be interested in the niche that you want to start with. Anything other than that, if you use marketing methods for the article, you’ll find it really hard to write about a topic you don’t know about and have no interest in! You could just run out of ideas after the first couple of posts. There’s no motivation to keep you marketing your niche as you’re probably afraid of thinking about brainstorming issues. If in a few months from now you can not see yourself writing about the subject, don’t even start first and waste your precious time.

Choosing a successful marketing niche for affiliates can be daunting, so if you’re a little stuck on what niche business to go for, be assured that’s perfectly natural. You ‘re going to spend a lot of time producing content around what niche you ‘re choosing, so put some thought into it really.

Once you have selected the niche about which you want your affiliate marketing website to be, we can actually build your first website.

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Setting Up Web Hosting and Domain

I believe that Builderall is the best bargain marketing solution for anyone looking to create an affiliate marketing site, or just wanting to get your business online. Not only is it very low cost but it delivers an amazing variety of tools and resources to help people make online success. 

Their drag and drop website builder performs really well and appears to come with everything that you need to design a website with a professional look. It also features a separate section for mobile device viewing adjustment.

Developing an affiliate marketing website via Builderall is a very fast and easy process, because many templates are available. If none of the templates attract your eye, then you can always opt to use a blank template from scratch to build your page. If a selection has been made, the prototype will open inside the Builderall Drag & Drop Responsive Website Builder.

I would advise you to choose Builderall, if you like something which is easy to learn and use. Most people don’t know that Builderall is in fact a web-hosting business. At the same time, it also exists to serve as an online service that enables various tools such as web page-builder, email marketing service, and yes, they can also host WordPress websites. 

You just have to link the domain name to their website, wait for the propagation (usually about 20-30 minutes) and that’s it. You can also purchase from them a new domain, and connect up to 15 domains based on the package you subscribe to.

  • If you wish to use WordPress or some other CMS but would like to use Builderall to create a selling funnel, no problem.
  • First, establish a subdomain with the provider of your domain name then link it to Builderall.
  • Choose the pre-made sales funnel and edit it, or start creating your own from scratch, assign your product, coupon or offer.
  • Set the tracking code, for e.g Google and Facebook Analytics Pixel code.
  • Save then, and publish.
  • Finally , add your sales funnel URL to your call-to – action banner and button and that’s it.

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Creating Your Very First Landing Page

Your product’s sales or landing page needs to be extremely powerful and compelling and that’s where all of the distributors can take their visitors to. When they’ve completed this, the remainder is up to you, or the landing page from your affiliate marketing website more explicitly.

Therefore it helps to learn how to develop a landing page that will overpower your visitor. Fortunately, there seems to be an efficient formula that most advertisers follow as it appears to work so well. Let’s talk right now about how to create a landing page suited for your goods or services.

One style that translates very well and is hence widely used in all various niches by online advertisers is to produce a very lengthy sales letter.

You would like to add multiple items on your landing page/ sales letter :  

Design- A very big aspect of your affiliate marketing website is design. This includes your site’s overall look regarding how and where items are placed, and also means elements such as using vibrant font colors and styles.

Headline- The headline that gets attention is priority number 1. People have incredibly short periods of attention so your headlines will draw them in immediately, otherwise you will have lost them. With your title, you could do a number of stuff like answering the issue of your reader while providing the answer with this title in an impressive way.

Testimonials- The Federal Trade Commission and some affiliate networks have started changing their regulations on what happens to be an acceptable testimonial, so ensure every testimonial you use is backed up. That said, reviews are an efficient method to satiate your reader’s suspicions about your product once they see those certain people approving it.

Graphics / Media- Your reader won’t only use text; you need pictures and potentially a video to get your reader involved. A lot of landing pages in conjunction with a nice statement use a convincing video above the fold as a really useful way to launch off their landing page.

Content- Start creating unique and relevant information relating to your niche on your affiliate marketing website. For example, the more content you put on your website, the easier it might be to increase traffic. As for what kinds of articles to write, looking at what your competition has been doing is always smart. That way you can study and build upon their techniques. Comparative pieces and informative subject matter are also winning formats in my experience, so stick with all those whenever you can!

Call to Action- A clear statement of intent is necessary if you want to convince your visitor to take the desired action, and in this case would be buying your item.

Your Background- Never forget to also include your qualifications if you’ve any credentials that vouch for it. Whether you’ve written a book about a medical condition or you have some kind of certified medical background, you ‘re going to want to make this quite clear from the beginning of your landing page as it will give you the most credibility and even make some people feel comfortable buying from your affiliate marketing website when they’re on the fence. If you’re not using official qualifications, then be prepared to clarify how you once suffered a lot longer from the same issue your audience is facing today right before you decided to take this within your own grip and got the answer.

Placing yourself in the same place as your audience gives you empathy and is a good way to want them to relate to you early on it and get them on your side. It’s one of my many copywriting tips that you should follow when developing your very own landing page. Your site’s template / theme is also essential. A few other templates suit a sales page much more than others.

The tricky part to succeeding in your first affiliate marketing website is to establish a steady content flow over an extended amount of time. If you continuously write intriguing, unique and engaging content for your site for several months, you’ll start gaining traffic from search engines.

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An affiliate marketing website Is Something MUCH More Than Just A Digital Brochure

One of the major blunders fresh affiliate marketers end up making is they just create a website which looks like a brochure for digital sales. Regrettably, the majority of current affiliate marketers concentrate on making extra income before focusing on delivering value to visitors to their website. This formulation is a disastrous one.

You need to build a valuable site with material that helps people before you can plan to receive any sales (like I hope you ‘re finding it on this site!). Let’s further build on that.

Establishing Your Affiliate Website Is Like Establishing A Small Business

I wish I could assure you an easy approach to develop an affiliate marketing website by tonight, and make some money. I just couldn’t. There are also plenty of “guru’s” out there promising methods for “getting rich quick.” Of course, scams are 99.99999 percent of those. Good luck if you want to find a certain needle in a haystack. I am still continuing to search for that quick money jackpot over several years.

But on the other side, if you’d like to build a real legit business online, that is entirely attainable as long as you are willing to put your time and effort into that.  Sounds easy? No.  Doable with almost anyone? Definitely!

I can promise you this too … Once you see the residual payouts coming in, all that work would be worth it. The first thing I do when I wake up the next morning is look at my phone to see just how much money I’ve made while I was sleeping. I will still get paid when I’m on vacation, even though I’m not doing any work. It’s incredible and this lifestyle can be yours too. You need only some help.

Finding Services and Products To Sell

Once you have decent website traffic, you ‘re going to just want to monetize that, right? So, how would you find excellent promotional services and products? Almost every market has affiliate networks which you can use to benefit from selling the goods and services of other people..

Final Thoughts

I very much hope that this guide on how to create an affiliate marketing website has been helpful. No doubt it takes a bit more than just having a website to run a profitable online affiliate marketing business. You just need to cultivate it over a long period of time, and maintain it. But the affiliate marketing lifestyle is unbelievable to those who do. You need to have lots of patience . It may seem overwhelming but as you go along you will find all the resources and tools you need. Just get started and you will see for yourself.

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