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Best Places To Visit In The US In 2021: Top 16 Destinations

by Herm6nn

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It’s summertime and the living is easy. You’re going to have a lot of adventures this year, so I want you to be prepared! When planning your next trip, don’t forget about these best places to visit in the US in 2021.

#1. Seattle, Washington

Space Needle, Kerry Park, Seattle

Seattle has an 8 ° C mean high temperature in January and a 3 ° C average low. Dressing in fabrics and using a rain jacket especially in the winter months is a smart idea. January brings far fewer city tourists than most other busy months, making it a great time to avoid the crowds that typically gather. 

While in Seattle, feel free to climb the Space Needle, which is the city’s 605-foot-tall sign. From the observation platform, city views and Mount Rainier will thank you. In January’s rainy days, go to the Pop Culture Museum and enjoy hours. 

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#2. Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming


Winter season is the only chance to see how Yellowstone was before cars arrived. Most park roads are closed to regular traffic from early November. This makes the many areas available only for “over-snow” modes like cross-country skis or guided snowmobile and snowcoach experiences.

Relatively smaller crowds than in summer and frozen lakes scenes, white-frozen woods, and steaming geysers are worth the extra initiative (which often includes brave cold weather). 

Following a Yellowstone snowshoe trip or ranger-led nature program, head to nearby Jackson Hole to reach the slopes in one of three mountain resorts. There, you may discover a lively après-ski scene and find lodging ranging from cozy log cabins to four-star hotels.

#3. Utah


The obvious draw for a January Utah holiday is skiing, and I am not going to lie, that’s the No. 1 single reason to go — snow in Utah’s Wasatch mountains has been among the world’s best and most reliable.

But Utah is a large state, and even if the slopes don’t call you, January is a fantastic time to explore the southern portion of the state’s big red desert national parks. Every year, summers seeing more and more visitors, the local trick is to go in winter while staying magnificently quiet. They ‘re already dusting in light snow.

Further north, Salt Lake City, an outdoor paradise and one of America’s most underrated tourist spots, and a short day journey to all the big-name ski resorts. And there’s the Park City Sundance Film Festival from January 23 to February 2, as Hollywood comes down on beehive.

Search Ogden for a hidden winter sports treat, 40 minutes north of Salt Lake. Host to the 8,000-acre uncrowded snow paradise Powder Mountain, and Snowbasin which is another big mountain boasting top-notch lodges including Olympic credentials. This should definitely be on your list as one of the best places to visit in January in the US.

#4. Las Vegas, Nevada

Legendary Loathing in Las Vegas

Often known as Missing Income and Sin City, we all understand what happens in Vegas, well, stays in Vegas. Las Vegas in January could be a little warmer, with an average high of 14 ° C and an average low of 3 ° C, meaning you’ll want less time at the poker table and more time spent.

Throughout your time in Las Vegas, make sure to check out one of the city’s many acts. Many Vegas stars including Jerry Seinfeld and David Copperfield also have excellent shows during January’s month. The mild January weather always makes hiking a great time of year, so be sure to check out Red Rock Canyon!

#5. Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Fort Lauderdale Skyline

Fort Lauderdale should be in your future to avoid post-holiday blues. When Miami’s here? And during January. this laid-back sailing city north of the 305 will host a water-bound art festival known as Art Fort Lauderdale, where the yachts and water taxis will carry you from one empty mansion to the next empty mansion, each filled with original art and provocative installations. 

That’s the only American water-based art festival, enabling you to visit “Venice of the Americas” in only a few ways. The beaches still have fantastic conditions in January but they’re in a short lull around holidays and spring break.

If you’re a hockey fan and wasn’t able to get tickets to see your home team, see if they’ve got a Florida road game where the Panthers are playing a few miles west of downtown FTL with plenty of good seats. Wrap all that in with the opening of Gulfstream Park ‘s live racing season and some of South Florida’s best new restaurants in Hollywood. And, heck, South Beach is only a 35-minute drive away.

#6. Kauai, Hawaii

Na Pali Coastline

Kauai Island, known as Garden Isle, is Hawaiian Islands’ wildest and greenest and a spectacular place to fly in January. Travelers may think Kauai’s off season winter, but year-round lovely weather has snowbirds flocking to soak up sunshine.

January is the peak season of Kauai as humpback whales come to tropical waters to birth calves. It’s worth flying to Kauai in January! You will see these amazing creatures from the sea on a cruise with Captain Andy’s or from Kilauea Lighthouse ‘s shore.

The Na Pali coastline is Kauai ‘s beautiful mountain-lined beaches, accessible only by boat, helicopter or hiking. Winter is too harsh for cruise journeys, but an aerial view offers you the most stunning views of the beautiful ridges and waterfalls. A helicopter tour is the ideal addition to your Kauai itinerary.

Despite its high rainfall, Kauai ‘s green scenery is so vibrant and colorful, so staying in Poipu on a winter trip will bring more sun and calmer snorkeling conditions. Poipu Beach Park is a perfect tropical and winter swimming location. Also, a sunrise walk is a great way to continue the paradise day.

#7. Monterey, California


Monterey, California is also one of the best places to visit in January in the US and is a fantastic time for seeing gray whales during their annual migration! And not only a few whales, but 20,000 on their way to Alaska’s Baja California, Mexico. 

You do see Humpbacks and Blue Whales. It’s a great time to book a whale watching tour, but if you don’t fancy a boat ride, you can also see spouts from shore. Know that the water can be windy and cold, so layer up!

You can also visit Monterey Bay Aquarium while you’re there! Tickets are expensive, yet worth it. It’s Massive and it’s incredibly well done. They ‘re a great group promoting ocean science and conservation.

You can’t skip Cannery Row, the historic street once home to sardine manufacturers, now lined with restaurants and shops along the beautiful waterfront! Remember that Monterey can also be cold, foggy, and windy, so plan accordingly.

#8. Santa Monica, California

Santa Monica

Santa Monica is a seaside community west of downtown Los Angeles, home to Santa Monica Beach, the most popular resort in America. January ‘s weather is still dry, averaging 19 ° C. Santa Monica is a very walkable, bike-friendly place, and there is no finer way to experience this area’s beauty than by foot. 

The beach experiences more than 300 sunny days a year, but it’s the sunsets that make Santa Monica unique. Check out the Santa Monica Pier with its variety of beautiful shops , carnival and restaurant attractions like the famous Ferris wheel. The pier transforms beneath the stars and lights by night, creating an unforgettable atmosphere full of energy!

#9. New York City

紐約時代廣場(Times Square)

Sweet, cosmopolitan, busy, continually changing … Big Apple mixes splendor in the big city with beauty in the small town. Amid Gotham’s iconic landmarks and soaring skyscrapers, you’ll encounter a vibrant community permeating the distinctive neighborhoods and boroughs of each city.   This should

Peruse the shelves of the trendy shops lining Fifth Avenue, appreciate the cutting-edge art collections at MoMA and Met, catch an unforgettable performance on Broadway, or sit down at the new “it” restaurant for a meal.

Being the most populous city and one of the best places to visit in January in the US —set at the forefront of food , fashion, and arts — NYC needs endurance. But don’t let the frenetic sights and sounds of the Big Apple scare you. Enlist local help to help handle it all. 

Stroll through the concrete jungle and experience speeding taxis zipping down busy streets, fast-paced shoppers strolling past on their way to landmark galleries and stylish cocktail bars, and Times Square’s flashing neon lights at all hours. 

Yet the city’s twinkling lights and noisy corners always welcome you to enter every minute of New York, explore every ghetto and do your own urban adventures. There are countless ways to spend your time in a town that never sleeps, but before you go, stop to look around – what is really here today will become something bigger and better tomorrow.

#10. Chicago, Illinois

Chicago Winter Wonderfest ferris wheel

When January’s average high in Chicago is 0 ° C, wearing clothing layers, gloves, a scarf and a hat are important for winter survival. Fortunately, Chicago ‘s biggest indoor winter wonderland known as the Winter WonderFest, is active in January for you to enjoy all winter’s benefits. Chicago is world-famous for its culture of art and theatre, and what better way to avoid cold than watching a show or concert! January brings a lot of fantastic musicals, concerts and shows, so see what’s going on in 2020!

If you’re looking for a completely surreal experience in Chicago, all winter film enthusiasts can meet for a 24-hour low-budget film binge session at Northwestern University. Tickets are cheap and it’s certainly going to entertain you.

#11. New Orleans

New Orleans Street Sunset

A New Orleans winter’s undeniable highlight comes in February with the city’s annual Mardi Gras celebration — the mother of all street parties organized the day before Ash Wednesday. 

The festival is accompanied by a rich and varied heritage of parades, pageantry, krewes and king cakes, not only on Fat Tuesday but also in the preceding weeks. Hotels are booked fast during the weekend getaway before Mardi Gras, so start preparing well in advance; nothing like that is too early.

It is one of the best places to visit in January in the US. It is also the ideal time to visit the French Quarter and even the historic jazz-rich neighborhoods like Marigny and Treme. Temperature and pressure are much more pleasant than they are during the sunny season, and good times roll through the year.

#12. Nashville, Tennessee

Nashville, Tennessee

Were you a music lover searching for a great music journey? If yes, Nashville ends your search. It’s America’s capital city. State, Tennessee and a town on the southwest coast. The city is famous for hot spot music. 

Visitors can appreciate live music in the city anytime, wherever they are. Then, after enjoying live music, you can also explore some of the city’s main attractions and learn about the city’s rich history, culture , and tradition. 

When exploring the area, you can easily spot the southern charm, again popular for the location. A traveler can also get a chance to be a Nashville show shooting audience. Enjoying a show shooting will bring another impression on the trip and it’ll certainly be a great experience for you.

#13. Asheville, North Carolina

Asheville, North Carolina Skyline

One the best places to visit in January in the US, especially during the winter. Asheville is perfect for winter travelers who want a mountain getaway but don’t worry for heavy snowfall. Located in West Carolina’s Blue Ridge Mountains, the city runs rampant with year-round opportunities to expand outdoors. 

Brisk hikes can take you to waterfalls, hilltops and meadows where you can see the hazy, blue-tinged peaks in dark winter mode. Or remain in the car for a drive across the Blue Ridge Parkway, which is as picturesque and much less busy than in the summer months. 

Likewise, the massive 19th-century Biltmore Estate — still holds the world record for America’s largest private residence — stays open tours 365 days a year. Back in the city, Asheville punctures its weight class with dozens of galleries, Appalachian art shows, live music stages, gastropubs, and coffee shops.

#14. Boston, Massachusetts

Public Garden, Boston, Massachusetts - USA - 00172

As every other magnificent U.S. capital, Boston also has a stunning city backdrop. Tourists will visit the city’s beautiful sights and experience city life. Apart from enjoying these encounters, people can also frequent some popular avenues to enjoy mouth – watering cuisine. 

Visitors’ interest remains there despite learning so much. After all, one of January ‘s best holiday spots. And the city won’t dishearten the adventurous travelers as they can see a variety of architectures, enjoy biking, spend some time at Harvard Square, an interesting place to hang out, etc.

#15. Big Sur, California

"Fog Rolling In"   Big Sur Coastline, California

One of the best places to visit in January in the US is California’s beautiful Big Sur area. In the winter months, temperatures remain mild and crowds are considerably smaller than in the busy summer season. 

Spend a day or two discovering the sites in or around Big Sur like Bixby Creek Bridge, McWay Waterfall, and Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park with a variety of trails to explore. It’s also worth getting off the Pacific Coast Highway and enjoying the various coastal walks while seeing the waves crash onto the Californian coast. 

When you have enough time, it’s worth driving north from Big Sur and visiting Monterey or Carmel with fun stuff to do and see.

#16. Jekyll Island, Georgia

Jekyll Island

Isn’t January’s visiting the Sea Islands exciting? Obviously, it’s thrilling. Get ready to visit Georgia’s Jekyll Island — a famous Sea Islands destination. 

They would certainly enjoy the climate and good weather as the average low temperature is 6 ° and the average high temperature is 16 °. Basically , it helps the traveler to enjoy various water activities. 

Many of the water sports you can try are Backwater Sunfish Sailing, Pedal Bicycling, Family Salt Marsh Kayaking, Power Kiting and Kiteboarding, etc. These experiences will bring an unforgettable experience to fun lovers, making their trip to Jekyll Island exceptional.

Final Thoughts

Generally speaking, there are plenty of beautiful places to visit in America, and because of its scale, you have so many choices. The places I described earlier are among the best places to visit in January in the US, with plenty to see and experience.

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