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BookVIP Review 2021: The Best Vacation Getaway Provider?

by Herm6nn
BookVIP Review

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Do you want to find the best vacation deals at the most affordable prices? If so, BookVIP may be for you. The site has a ton of packages that are awesome and affordable. But is it the best one out there? Let’s find out in this BookVIP Review for 2021.

What Is BookVIP?

BookVIP is a vacation provider that offers discounts on hotels, flights, and cruises. They offer both international travel as well as domestic travel within North America. 

The company has been around for over 10 years and has helped millions of people find the best deals. It’s one of the largest providers in North America, with several hundred thousand customers worldwide.

The story of this company is not as short as you might think- it’s been around for more than ten years! It started out in 2008 when four senior sales experts with extensive knowledge about the needs of travelers created a business to fill some gaps they saw. 

There are many companies online and offline that have come and gone, but after 10+ years these guys are still going strong! The aim was to provide low-cost luxury vacations. 

Managers and entrepreneurs sought to secure agreements with 5-star hotels in order to provide eligible clients with access. After a year, they had six call operators working with them. They formed agreements with major resorts in Mexico in 2010. 

The next year, they had 100 call operators based in Miami and the Philippines.

In the years that followed, they established agreements with the United States and other nations across the globe, expanding their offerings and customer base. 

Every month, approximately 3 million individuals use the site to look for vacation packages. This is a triumph, and it demonstrates that the business is working hard to please customers. Only a serious business can remain on the market for years and consistently get this many visitors. This is the brand’s narrative in a nutshell.

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How Does BookVIP Work?

BookVIP.com has been in operation since 2008, according to their website, and has evolved to be one of the biggest cheap holiday businesses in North America at this moment. Their cheap pricing accounts for a large portion of their growth.

According to the BookVIP website, they have collaborated with some of the most renowned hotels in high-demand vacation destinations across the globe to provide their clients with some of the best travel deals available.

Customers may find out what offers they have available by visiting their website and searching through their many categories, which include Hot Weekly Deals, All Vacation Deals, All Inclusive Deals, and more.

If you have a particular location and travel dates in mind, you may use their website to check what discounts are available. By ticking a box, you may compare the bargains found on this page to those found on other famous websites.

Is There a Catch to Using This Service?

The only catch to BookVIP’s low-cost vacation packages is that you must attend a Resort Preview Presentation at a certain point during your trip (many reviewers refer to it as a timeshare presentation). 

You are not required to purchase anything, but you must attend a lecture that may take up to 120 minutes. Before you check out, read the terms and conditions to make sure you know precisely what you’re getting yourself into. 

Nonetheless, the majority of users seem to think that it is worthwhile to wait through the presentation in order to take advantage of BookVIP’s cheap prices.

What Is a Timeshare Promotion?

A timeshare offer is a discounted vacation to one of hundreds of well-known resorts and hotels. They’re mostly for couples aged 28 to 70, although there are a handful for single ladies as well.

Sorry, there aren’t many single guy timeshare offers in the timeshare marketing business. The catch with a timeshare promotion is that you must both qualify for the offer (each is different) and attend a sales presentation during your stay in order to get the discount.

A typical sales presentation lasts 90 to 120 minutes. A timeshare promotion’s purpose is to pre-qualify a couple as potential customers for future trips. There are some easy phrases and a few that may cause you to be perplexed.

Simple phrases include your age, total yearly income, and where you reside.Personal major credit cards and deposits made on such cards upon check-in are examples of more complex terminology.

Couples vacationing together are another option. Most resorts do not allow groups or even several families to vacation together to take advantage of a special offer.

Promotions for timeshares come in a variety of flavors. They may be very simple, with only a room, or they can be all inclusive, with all meals and even booze included in your stay.

Each has its own set of criteria that you must fulfill!

BookVIP Pricing

It is always free to use this site to discover information about available vacations and travel discounts, as well as essential travel information. When it comes to the cost of your vacation or travel package, you are always in charge – all pricing and fees will be fully shown before you are asked to make bookings or confirm any payments.

The website also claims that they provide a low price guarantee to their clients, which indicates that if you discover a lower price for the same hotel or vacation package online, they would happily match it.

For all BookVIP vacations, a $99 deposit is required for international packages and $49 for domestic packages. Once travel dates have been determined, all that remains is to contact the number provided in the confirmation email to confirm vacation dates. This is also the time when you’ll complete the payment. BookVIP sends comprehensive instructions for all of the above in an email. According to my experience with BookVIP, you have two years to arrange your dates.

You may do so if you have the money and wish to pay the full amount up front. What’s the purpose of paying in advance if you can wait till you have certain dates in mind?

When you pay in advance, you are usually rewarded with presents. Our Montego Bay vacation was completely paid for (our second inexpensive trip booked via BookVIP) (our second cheap trip purchased through BookVIP). For paying in full, we received a free 3-night stay at one of the BookVIP registered domestic sites, as well as a $100 credit.

The Pros and Cons of Using BookVIP


Deals that take place inside the United States. Choose from choices near famous sites like Las Vegas and Disney World if you’re staying in the United States.

All-inclusive holidays at a discount. Even if all-inclusive holidays aren’t usually in your budget, the blue sea and brilliant sunshine of Mexico’s coastline may be within your grasp.

Customer support. Call for assistance at any time of day or night. BookVIP is also a member of the Better Business Bureau, with an A+ rating and a proven track record of promptly responding to consumer concerns.


Travel restrictions apply. While BookVIP goes to Mexico, the Caribbean, and the United States, it only has three properties worldwide – two in Spain and one in India. If you’re searching for resort packages somewhere else, you’ll have to look elsewhere.

Timesharing Presentations. Although you are not obliged to purchase anything, most BookVIP properties ask you to go through a timeshare presentation.

Its main goal is to sell the resort experience. BookVIP is probably most useful for those planning a beach trip (though there are a few mountainside properties throughout the US). If you want to have a more “authentic” experience immersed in a local culture, check out one of the top travel sites.

BookVIP Customer Support

All of their contact information is accessible on their website. You may speak directly with operators at any time, even during your holiday, to ask any questions or get assistance. This is an important consideration for me since, even in the greatest of circumstances, something bad may occur. A good business does all it can to avoid illnesses, but a trustworthy brand is prepared to confront and handle any unexpected issue. Phone numbers may be found on every page of the website. You won’t be on your own.

This is what I looked at before making reservations for several of the recommended Christmas vacation spots. In my BookVIP review, I’d like to emphasize the importance of assistance. There aren’t many agencies that do it, and even if you do, their connections aren’t always accurate. It’s not going to happen with this brand. Calling them for clarification and information was a pleasant experience for me.

Top 7 Tips For Booking a Vacation With BookVIP

  1. Make your trip arrangements as soon as possible. You’ll need to plan months in advance or be willing to be flexible about where you’ll stay.
  2. Make certain you completely comply with the terms and conditions (by reading them).
  3. Make a confirmation of your reservation.
  4. Do not purchase airline tickets until you get confirmation from BookVIP that your reservation has been issued, not simply submitted for issuance.
  5. As soon as you get confirmation of your airline ticket, arrange for a transfer if it is included.
  6. Consider Trip-Guard, BookVIP’s in-house trip security. Get flight ticket insurance as well. Promotional travel may not be covered by standard travel insurance.
  7. Should you need additional identification or evidence of income, email documents such as proof of income or marriage certificates to yourself.

Booking your vacation with the BookVIP app is a great way to avoid any problems that might arise when trying to find lodging. Some people think they can always make their dates work, but many of the negative reviews are from people who had specific dates in mind and it didn’t happen because those rooms were already booked by other travelers looking for more last-minute deals.

BookVIP Competitors and Alternatives

Expedia, Orbitz, Priceline, and Travelocity are considered to be BookVIP’s major rivals. The reason for this is because they all cater to comparable markets and clientele.

Travel websites are now one of the most competitive and crowded industries online, thus if BookVIP.com does not suit your requirements, another website will. Customers should search for websites depending on where they are going from, where they want to go, or the kind of vacation they want to take — a cruise, an all-inclusive package, a ski trip, or something else entirely.

Final Thoughts On BookVIP

BookVIP is an excellent service for those looking to save money on their next vacation. It’s the best provider in terms of affordability, as well as variety and quality, which allows you to find more places that fit your budget. Overall, it’s a great way to get away without breaking the bank.

If you want to experience the ultimate vacation, book with BookVIP. They offer affordable and customizable packages that can be customized for your needs. You won’t regret it!

Also, don’t forget to take advantage of their latest special offer now. They’re making it easy with these great offers, so check them out today before they expire tomorrow!


Is BookVIP a Scam?

BookVIP is NOT a scam. For some of the world’s biggest hotel and resort chains, they offer timeshare promotions, resort tours, and lead generation.

Most (if not all) of their offers include terms and conditions that must be fulfilled or the deal will be invalid. BookVIP has been operating since 2008, while the original proprietors have been around even longer as IMS or RVI.

These are some of the world’s most well-connected holiday timeshare lead producers.

The Mexico Tourism Board honored these folks in 2013 for attracting tens of thousands of tourists to the country each year.

Why Should I Choose BookVIP over Other Vacation Providers?

BookVIP is the top option for travelers of all budgets since it provides reduced last-minute and off-peak travel to amazing locations at unbelievable rates. They can offer customers an industry-leading range of competitively priced vacation packages that include flights, hotel accommodations, car rentals, and greyhound bus package options thanks to their exclusive partnerships with leading airlines, hotels, destination management companies, and cruise lines.

BookVIP provides unbeatable year-round discounts to locations like Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Chicago, Washington, D.C., Orlando, Florida, and a slew of other important tourist sites in the United States and beyond. They also offer fantastic customer service that is accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

What Do They Mean by 90 Minute Presentation?

In order to participate in a timeshare campaign, you must first qualify as a prospect and then attend a physical sales presentation, which is typically held during your stay.

You will be meeting with the resort’s sales staff during the presentation, which will be high-pressure. Many all-inclusive timeshare packages include a presentation the day after you arrive.

This is a requirement of your stay and discount contract.

If you qualify but do not attend the presentation, you will be charged the full rack cost plus the marketing company’s fee (in this case, BookVIP).

What Are Open-Dated Timeshare Vacation Packages?

A marketer’s fantasy comes true with an open-dated bundle! They sell, sell, sell, and they don’t give a damn about inventory or fulfillment. I’ve been selling a bookable offer for almost 8 years, and it’s a lot of effort!

It’s considerably simpler to have the client purchase a non-refundable package that must be utilized depending on availability. There is usually a simple provision that protects the marketer. Everything is contingent on resort availability.

Now, I don’t purchase open-dated vacations, which I consider to be nothing more than vacation coupons or certificates. BookVIP, on the other hand, was largely responsible for the digital marketing of timeshare offers on the internet.

Before BookVIP, the only options for vacation certificates and travel vouchers were vacation certificates and travel vouchers.

Does Everyone Qualify for BookVIP.com Packages?

There are many methods to be considered for a BookVIP vacation package. Take a look at the following:

Both people must be 30 years old and have a valid credit card if they are cohabiting (debit card does not count). Proof of cohabitation is required. If you earn more than $50,000 per year as a family, you will be questioned about it. But I’ve never been asked to provide evidence of this.

– OR – Female: 30 years old and in possession of a valid credit card (debit card does not count). If you earn more than $50,000 per year, you will be questioned about it. But I’ve never been asked to provide evidence.

How Can They Offer Such Cheap Rates?

To help fill the rooms, they form agreements with resorts and hotel companies. They may obtain better and more convenient prices since they have over a million customers who have booked offers via the brand.

What Kind of Terms & Conditions Do They Provide?

Every timeshare offer is unique, but the majority of them are based on your age, marital status, income, and location.

Some even demand a deposit upon check-in, which is paid with a credit card. Debit cards aren’t accepted since they’re checking for credit. Offers for high-end resorts may need a deposit of up to $1500 on a major personal credit card upon check-in.

Check to see whether you’ve met all of the requirements. Don’t schedule the offer if there’s a shady location where you might be disqualified. BookVIP is a lead generator, not a hotel booking engine. This deal and discount are being offered by the resort to a qualified customer who pays attention to their sales presentation. Make sure you’re the right person for the job!

Are There Any Requirements to Respect?

In fewer than 6-12 months, you cannot return to the same resort. If you wish to utilize the resort preview presentation, you must first examine the terms and conditions by contacting their customer service department, which is accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

What Kind Of Positive Reviews Does BookVIP Have?

BookVIP received many written and video reviews. Here are a few BookVIP video testimonials!

Are There Any Added Fees?

You may add taxes as stated in the deals. Resort fees and taxes are government costs that your chosen resort collects, and they usually vary from $5 to $29 each night, per family. Don’t worry; when you check an offer, this is plainly stated in the documentation.

When Can I Select Dates for the Purchased Package?

If you don’t have any set dates, you have 12 months from the date of purchase to decide.

Are the Options Only for Couples?

There are special deals for everyone, from singles to families to couples. In any case, keep in mind that some of the offers with a fee for couples include free children. This equates to a four-person room.

Can I Make Changes to the Packages?

Simply contact customer service to add another guest, another room, or additional nights. You may always contact them before you purchase to modify the offer if you want anything else.

Why Do Resorts Give Away These Deals?

You may not understand if this were a different year. However, we witnessed how business and travel were affected after 2020, necessitating the demand for companies to go outside the box in order to remain afloat. Even when things are “normal” the resort business is not that different.

There is a peak season and a low season for every resort, which affects when people visit respective places. The peak season in Cancun, for example, is typically between November and April. During this period, the temperature is in the mid-80s during the day and the low- to mid-70s at night. Cancun also has a wet season from May to October, which is the low season.

This makes Cancun a wonderful location to come during the peak season, particularly if you live somewhere chilly! It is also quite pleasant in the low season, and it does not rain every day. It is possible that it will not rain at all when you come.

But what happens when these resorts aren’t as busy during the off-season? This is when BookVIP enters the picture.

How Does BookVIP Make Half-Price Vacations Work?

Because they deal with resorts that sell timeshares, BookVIP can sell these holidays for up to 70% cheaper than anybody else. These timeshare marketing possibilities may save you a lot of money. Obviously, your part in this is around 90 minutes of your time.

As I already mentioned, you have to sit through a sales pitch during your stay. Of course, you get the benefit of paying one third of retail value for the trip. You probably need to know that if you skip the presentation, you will be charged full price for your stay.

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