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Free Autoresponder For Affiliate Marketing: Which Is The Best?

by Herm6nn
best free autoresponder for affiliate marketing

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Nearly everyone involved in online marketing is using an autoresponder; that being said, the choice is not so apparent to affiliate marketers. For some, it may be essential to pick a free autoresponder for affiliate marketing to check the waters while starting out.

Many of the biggest autoresponder applications such as MailerLite and MailChimp have an unclear affiliate link policy, including links to very broad affiliate networks such as JVZoo and Clickbank will ban you.

‘The money’ as every seasoned internet marketer understands, is in the list. But how do you, as an affiliate marketer, actually go through it and determine which autoresponder is right for you?

What An Autoresponder Is And How Does It Work?

An autoresponder is a tool for sending automatic emails to your email list. If you’re an affiliate marketer, I think you’re worth your money, and don’t want to skip the hours you might spend with your loved ones or in nature instead.

A robust autoresponder will not only help you set up your automation, but this will also help you monitor your campaign metrics, so you know what’s going on and what isn’t. A  free autoresponder for affiliate marketing has the ability to help you know the fundamentals.

Email marketing is mostly about communicating with your new subscribers. Looking at metrics like open rates as well as the actual delivery performance is crucial. This will help you determine which email marketing service is best for affiliate marketing. Bear in mind that less email is delivered which means less money.

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What Can An Autoresponder Do To Help My Affiliate Marketing Business?

You know the value and have learned from many people that you have to have your own list to have a long-term company. Autoresponder is going to be a tool to help you create your list. The roles they perform are:

1. Collecting email addresses (and/or additional information) that are entered in the website’s opt-in form.

2. Including this information in a database

3. Automating the task of sending emails to database subscribers.

These are the 3 steps that will be taken by the autoresponder when you put the autoresponder API code into your website. In fact, this will make your life much easier. Suppose that if you don’t have an autoresponder, you’ll have to personally email each new person who joins your database. The other problem is that you’ll never know when a new visitor joins your database.

best free autoresponder for affiliate marketing alternative

What Can A Good Free Autoresponder For Affiliate Marketing Do?

A useful review of the autoresponder will fill you in what right autoresponder service providers do. The best autoresponders, do as follows:

Provide quality delivery rates. The distribution rate is, in fact, the number of emails that meet your prospective customers. Bringing your emails through the gates of spam and junk mail is essential to the success of your marketing campaigns.

Management and Analysis of email list. A successful autoresponder will assist you in gathering and storing information about your efforts’ effectiveness. Internet marketers will be able to evaluate their subscriber base, read any messages that they may have sent, and analyze conversions and historical page open rates to refine their efforts further.

Autoresponder distribution speeds are one of the main secrets of affiliate marketing. A good autoresponder offers good delivery rates and is easy to use for list management and reporting purposes.

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How To Increase Web Presence With Affiliate Autoresponder Messages

There are various sites that have begun incorporating affiliate marketing into their automatic messages. In their autoresponder series, they put a signature with affiliate ties within them. When choosing a free autoresponder for affiliate marketing it is important to choose wisely. Some email marketing services do not look at affiliate marketers with kindness.

In exchange, their automated email framework would do the same for the websites they have connected to. This is an excellent way to use autoresponders to further a marketing strategy for affiliates.

Such marketing messages for affiliates should be very short, and should not be too conspicuous. Websites using simple text links with a short sentence are much more effective and less distracting than automated emails using flickering images or full-page ads. Big affiliate marketing advertising in automated email notifications are less successful and shut off a lot of visitors to the website.

Best Autoresponders For Affiliate Marketing in 2020 That Are Also Free:


One of the best marketing tricks for affiliates to learn is using Aweber accurately. When you are searching for a free autoresponder for affiliate marketing, Awerber can be a reasonable option. Aweber is an easy-to-use software that enables advertisers to inject audio or video easily and quickly into their sites and control subscribers, even large lists of them.

Using Aweber, it is easy to sequence and schedule the program making it very simple and intuitive. Aweber also provides an incredibly useful monitoring feature to keep a record of how effective your activities are.

Aweber includes a free service allowing up to 500 subscriptions to join. This is particularly useful when you’re just starting out with list building.


With one of the sleekest user interfaces, ConvertKit is one of the most effective email marketing tools among all autoresponders on the market.

It was planned to be self-commanded, with little marketer input. It all can happen on one platform, from hosting webinars to implementing Customer Relationship Management.

Made especially for content creators like YouTubers, Bloggers and podcasters, this is an autoresponder. The free plan continues to support up to 1000 email subscribers that are good for beginners requiring a quick free autoresponder for affiliate marketing.

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Get Response

Get Response is a software that is industry-leading and stacks well with Aweber. It is user friendly, customizable, and it allows for a wide range of uses.

This program’s versatility is a great selling-point. You could use it for almost any purpose and the program is quite consistent with many content sources including providers of text and video. It also comes with fantastic analytical tools. This is a little simpler than Aweber but has a monthly fee.

GetResponse is a 30 day free trial with which you can test everything in your email marketing campaign inside this autoresponder – right after that, you have to consider which of the plans below you wish to start with.


One of the most convincing points is the inexpensive price for using MailingBoss.

However, with MailingBoss, the greatest advantage is that as part of the subscription to the email marketing system, you do get access to the full suite of Builderall software. You can also use Builderall ‘s Free Plan to access their free training.

These are what you get alongside MailingBoss at not additional cost

  • Advanced Visual Automation Tool
  • Starting at as little as $19 / mo
  • Advanced services for managing the email list
  • Included with lots of other tools such as funnel building   
  • Drag and Drop email and site builder  
  • High rates Of deliverability
  • High Mail Tester deliverability score

Having said that, you should think about getting MailingBoss especially for your email marketing campaigns, particularly if you’re just starting to build a list. It’s cheap and you’ll get lots of support and training while you’re on the program.

Verdict: What Is The Best Free Autoresponder For Affiliate Marketing? [My Top #1 Recommendation]

If you are a business owner, affiliate marketer, digital marketing strategist, author, virtual assistant, coach, speaker, blogger, podcaster, vlogger, freelancer or any solopreneur seeking to grow an email list to share your goods and services with subscribers, or if you are someone who is trying to save a lot of money in your business then MailingBoss is the best tool for you.

I’ve been using MailingBoss for over 5 months now and found it pretty easy to use and reliable to send emails. I started with their free plan initially and tested the service. It was a terrific experience. Except for MailingBoss, no other autoresponders offer a more in-depth training course. This is designed to teach you how to master the tool.

It’s still a great solution and value for the money if you compare with Getresponse, Aweber or ConvertKit because of all this Autoresponder fee depending on the number of subscribers, whilst also MailingBoss offers a fixed fee of $29.90 / mo for 10,000 subscriptions (Builderall Essential Plans) and $69.90 / mo for unlimited subscribers and email (Builderall Premium Plan with access to more than 30 Marketing and Aut Plans).

Builderall’s autoresponder service-MailingBoss is a perfect choice if you are looking for a great deal for not only quality email marketing but also a range of other awesome marketing tools.

mailingboss is one of the best free autoresponders for affiliate marketing

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Final Thoughts

An autoresponder can fix most of your problems and through automation, it literally makes your life far easier. The most essential thing that an autoresponder can do is to automate your lead generation campaigns and expand your own network of loyal and life-long customers which will be useful to you.

Starting with a successful free autoresponder for affiliate marketing is one of the main keys to success in affiliate marketing. Get it right and you are on the right path to success. And do not be afraid of spending a little money on getting the best out of your autoresponder.

So are you ready to drive massive traffic to your website?

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