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Hemp Oil For Weight Loss: How To Use Hemp Oil To Lose Weight

by Herm6nn
Hemp Oil For Weight Loss

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Cannabis is causing a stir in a lot of industries right now, especially the health industry. CBD, short for cannabidiol, is a natural compound present in cannabis plants that is responsible for much of this. We’re not talking about the high-inducing CBD obtained from marijuana (although certain states have either done so or are considering doing so for medicinal and therapeutic purposes), but rather its soothing sibling, the hemp plant, and how hemp oil for weight loss has been showing promising results.

Hemp has long been used in the textile and manufacturing industries. Now it’s gaining traction in the medical community, offering a slew of nutritional advantages and symptom-relieving properties. CBD, or hemp seed, has been nicknamed the “miracle worker” for its ability to treat anything from insomnia to acne. Currently, experts are looking at the potential advantages of hemp oil for weight reduction and lowering their chance of developing weight-related issues like metabolic disease and diabetes.

So, does hemp oil offer any weight-loss benefits? Is it yet another fast weight-loss gimmick? In this post, we’ll look at the potential weight-loss advantages of hemp oil, as well as whether science and studies back up the claims.

CBD and Hemp: What Are These?

Hemp is one of the several cannabis plant types. It has long been used in the industrial and textile sectors, as previously mentioned. Hemp, unlike the more well-known Cannabis variety Marijuana, hemp does not get you high or get you addicted.

Cannabinoids are present in all cannabis types. Marijuana, on the other hand, produces more THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) than hemp, which is the primary cause of its high-inducing effect.

Hemp, on the other side, has a greater level of CBD (cannabidiol). CBD, unlike THC, does not have any psychoactive impact, but it would not leave you jittery. Instead, it has a different effect on the body, and it is thought to activate specific receptors to relieve fear, discomfort, and inflammation.

This compound is often assumed to inhibit the degradation of anandamide, the brain’s “bliss molecule.” It helps anandamide to remain in the bloodstream for longer, which assists in pain reduction and better brain control.

Hemp Oil For Weight Loss - bottle of hemp oil on a surface filled with hemp seeds

Not just that, however, CBD often decreases pain and inflammation by controlling the development of cytokines, which are inflammatory molecules. CBD is currently being researched for its potential to relieve anxiety and depressive symptoms, as well as epileptic seizures.

Hemp Oil For Weight Loss: Are There Any Weight Reduction Effects?

Cannabidiol is also said to assist with other facets of your wellbeing. Today, it’s also thought to aid in weight reduction.

Are the allegations, therefore, true?

1) Food Intake Reduction And Possible Metabolism Boost

Initial research on CBD suggests that hemp oil or CBD can reduce food consumption while also increasing metabolism, both of which are important factors in weight loss.

CBD has been demonstrated in animal research to have important weight-loss benefits by interfering with the CB2 and CB1 receptors in the brain and lymphoid tissue. These receptors have been shown to play a part in food consumption and metabolism.

In a 2-week rat trial, subjects were given regular CBD injections at doses of 2.3 mg and 1.1 mg per pound of body weight (5mg per kg and 2.5 mg per kg). Both doses culminated in a substantial weight drop, with the higher dose providing the most pronounced effect.

Take notice that it was injected rather than delivered orally.

When opposed to other cannabinoids including cannabinol and cannabigerol, CBD has to contribute to a significant decrease in food consumption in rats. Although these results and effects of hemp oil for weight reduction sound positive, there aren’t enough human trials to back them up, and further testing is needed to show its effectiveness.

2) May Burn Fat

Another claimed weight-loss advantage of hemp oil is that CBD will potentially melt away fat in the body by breaking it down and removing it as waste.

This argument is backed by a 2018 report. Brown and white fats are the two kinds of fat found in the human body. The most common kind of fat is white fat, which is essential for energy absorption and supplication as well as cushioning and insulating your organs. When this form of fat accumulates in abundance, it is linked to chronic diseases such as heart disease and diabetes.

Brown fat, on the other hand, is responsible for producing heat by burning calories. It is well recognized that those who are of a good weight get more brown fat than others who are overweight. By having adequate sleep, walking, and exposing yourself to freezing weather, you will turn white fat to brown fat. CBD has been shown in research to help with this method.

CBD induces “browning” in white fat cells, according to a report, and also increases the expression of certain proteins and genes that encourage brown fat. However, further human study is required to validate these findings.

3) Lowers the Chances of Metabolic Disorders

Another study published in 2018 found a correlation between obesity and a number of metabolic diseases, including elevated cholesterol, high blood pressure, and type 2 diabetes.

Overactive CB receptors in the body could be partially to blame. Overactive CB1 receptors in the body’s fat tissue, for example, may lead to metabolic risks and obesity. CBD has the ability to suppress CB1 receptors, lowering the likelihood of obesity.

A study of recent work on metabolic factors and CBD, primarily in animal models, was also noted in the Cannabis and Cannabinoid review.

A CBD injection, for example, decreased the average cholesterol in obese rats by 25%. CBD’s antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties tended to lower blood sugar levels whilst still rising liver health markers.

4) Cannabis Use Is Linked To a Reduction of Body Weight

Despite the fact that most people assume that consuming marijuana means eating more, those who consume and are addicted to marijuana drugs appear to weigh less than others that do not.

For example, a study of over 50,000 people found that those who used weed like weed and hemp at least three times a week had a 14–17 percent obesity rate, relative to 22–25 percent of those who had not used marijuana in the previous year.

picture of an apple

You might also be wondering about how CBD feels like. CBD, which is abundant in the pot, is most definitely active in the partnership, but how is still unknown. With that in mind, scientists and researchers theorized that cannabinoids in general, including CBD, influence metabolism, appetite, and other weight-related bodily functions.

Should You Use Hemp Oil For Weight Loss?

While the weight-loss effects of hemp oil are uncertain, it has been shown to boost your wellbeing in other respects. It’s also reasonably healthy, with just a small chance of side effects.

More study is required, especially in humans, to decide how hemp oil products influence weight and whether they can aid in weight loss. The latest observations and studies are inconclusive and incomplete, but they do indicate positive progress.

Instead of focusing solely on the weight-loss advantages of hemp oil, consider other scientifically validated weight-loss approaches, or combine CBD with these methods if desired.

How To Use Hemp Oil For Weight Loss

When it comes to weight reduction, there are no fast fixes; it typically boils down to a balanced lifestyle and regular exercise. However, there are several things you should do to help the body achieve its target weight, one of which is hemp seed oil.

Hemp’s ability to aid weight reduction is due to the wide variety of special properties that this super plant possesses. Let’s have a look at them:

Nutrition from Superplants

Hemp seeds, like any other component of the super plant, do have truly remarkable properties. For a variety of reasons, hemp seed oil (especially cold-pressed hemp seed oil) and whole hemp seeds with shells intact are the perfect superfoods to use as part of your weight loss quest and a great nutritious replacement for anyone.

Appetite Suppressant (Natural)

Hemp seed oil and entire hemp seeds will help you cut back on snacking and portion size if you’re attempting to lose weight. Since these small, chewy seeds are so healthy, only four tablespoons in your meal or 1-2 tablespoons containing hemp seed oil will efficiently satiate feelings of hunger for far longer than normal.

The good news is that hemp seeds are simple to incorporate into a variety of meals for added nutrition. They have a nutty taste and a chewy feel, rendering them an ideal addition to porridge, soups, biscuits, smoothies, and buddha dishes.

Abundant Nutrients and Vitamins

You’ll be hard-pressed to locate a nutrient-dense food like hemp seeds. If you eat hemp as a whole seed or as hemp seed oil, they have a wide range of nutrients.

Hemp seeds and hemp seed oil

Hemp seeds are high in vitamin E, b2, and minerals like phosphorus, potassium, sodium, magnesium, sulfur, calcium, copper, and zinc, making it much simpler to meet your dietary needs with only a couple of spoonfuls.

Rich In Omega Acids and GLAs

Since gamma-linoleic acid is difficult to come by in other ingredients, most of us are deficient in this fatty acid. It nourishes cells, lowers inflammation, and gives the body the healthy fat it needs to burn off bad fat. GLA releases prostaglandin, which stimulates the metabolism and accelerates the fat-burning phase, enabling you to naturally sustain a healthier weight.

Hemp seeds and hemp seed oil produce an impressive number of fatty acids, including a balanced omega-3 to omega-6 ratio, all nine amino acids, alpha-linoleic acid, and the extraordinary Gamma Linoleic Acid (GLA).

Helps With Digestion

A healthy digestive system is important at any time, but especially when attempting to lose weight. Hemp seeds (with their shells on) are rich in insoluble fiber, which lets nutrition flow into the bloodstream rapidly to efficiently remove waste and contaminants.

Protein Content Is Dense

Maintaining a healthy weight requires an adequate protein intake. Since hemp seeds are high in protein, they will make your stay satiated (as discussed above), reducing cravings for unhealthy foods. Hemp seeds supply more than 25% of total calories from high-quality protein, compared to chia seeds and flaxseeds, which provide 16–18% protein.

The 11 grams of protein (a total protein source since hemp seeds contain both amino acids) in only 2-3 tablespoons can help you develop muscle and lose weight if you exercise and change your diet.

Has Low Carbs

People who adopt diets like keto take a low-carb strategy to lose weight, so you’ll be surprised to hear that 3 tablespoons of hemp seeds produce just about 2 grams of carbohydrate. With 14g of fat and 10g of protein per 30g serving, they provide the perfect macronutrient mix for adopting the ketogenic diet.

Low in Bad Fat, High in Good Fat

The hemp seed oil contains 75-80 percent polyunsaturated fatty acids (the healthy fats) and just 9-11 percent saturated fatty acids, making it the plant oil with the fewest saturated fats.

By reducing the hormone needed to break down fat and increase metabolism, a low-fat diet simply teaches the body to not burn fat. Giving the body the healthy fats it needs to work correctly (as hemp seeds do) and cutting down on carbohydrates would supply the body with all the resources it takes to burn fat effectively without the need to preserve fat for emergencies.

Final Thoughts On Hemp Oil For Weight Loss

So, does hemp oil offer any weight-loss benefits? The preliminary findings of research on hemp or CBD oil and weight loss are encouraging. However, further research into the connection between them is still needed. Remember that CBD or hemp oil will help you burn calories, lose weight, or curb your appetite. However, it is important not to exaggerate these assertions.

Hemp Oil For Weight Loss - Hemp Oil placed on a wooden plate with a bowl containing hemp seeds

To lose weight, it is better to focus on other more scientifically supported approaches such as lots of exercises and a balanced diet before more testing is completed. CBD should also be used in conjunction with a detailed weight-loss strategy to help you lose weight quicker and more effectively.

Finally, CBD or hemp oil cannot be used to supplement any other drugs for chronic diseases that an individual is taking. Before using CBD for any occasion, even weight reduction, I still suggest speaking with your doctor since it can interfere with your existing medicines.


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