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How Retailers Can Adapt for the Digital Transition Brought by the Pandemic

by Herm6nn
How Retailers Can Adapt for the Digital Transition Brought by the Pandemic

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Consumers have adjusted their buying habits as the nation continues to suffer from COVID-19. Shoppers have gone digital due to the pandemic and retailers need to change accordingly.

It is important to look more closely at how and why the purchasing patterns of consumers have changed as a result of the pandemic. This article offers three tips on how retailers should adapt accordingly.

Social Networking Is Meant To Be Part of the Digital Strategy

As the data in the above report have shown, social media needs to be incorporated into the company’s digital marketing strategy in order to stay accessible to customers in this challenging period.

For example, if your brand has changed its hours due to a pandemic or has special hours for seniors or health care staff, this should be illustrated on your social media platforms. Plus, use social media to illustrate safety measures in effect as stores begin to reopen. How did the cleaning protocols change? Do workers need to take additional precautions to stay safe? This is the kind of information that users are searching for on social media; make sure it is reflected in all social profiles.

Start With Google and Adjust To Facebook

Google is the place to start for brands looking to increase their review volume. GMB claims three out of four recent local reviews of multi-site brands. However, Facebook is also more optimistic than any other site when you compare the top three online reputation platforms-Google , Facebook and Yelp. If your company is out of review, now is a perfect time to persuade customers to leave. A matter of ratings. Indeed, positive online reviews are the number one factor that affects buying decisions.

If resources permit, it is crucial to have a presence on the three main platforms. Consumers also search several review sites before making a purchase, which means that a good online reputation is important to your brand. If other sites are popular for feedback in your retail industry, such as Tripadvisor or Expedia, consider investing in these sites as well. While it is nice to be present on these channels, it is also necessary to ensure that your brand is involved and that it receives customer feedback. Without warning, your presence on these sites will lose its meaning.

Although the review volume will support your company when the time comes for customers to make a buying decision, reacting to feedback is also critical to a positive online reputation. Personalization is the key when you answer.

Localized searches are here to stay

The pandemic has contributed to a shift in the way customers search for local business knowledge. Local search, local social media, ranking and review sites were the first places people turned to find the up-to – date details they needed to make a purchasing decision. However, this habit did not begin during the pandemic, but only escalated.

In order to gain market share in this predominantly digital environment, brands need to access 100 per cent of local pages on major search and social media sites and feed up-to – date content to their pages.

Moving Ahead With Digital Marketing

With a better understanding of how customers have changed their preferences and how retailers need to adapt, the brand is able to reach customers as they spend more time online. Although there is no guarantee to return to normal, the brand should start shifting its digital marketing efforts to reach customers wherever they are-on social and reputation channels.

As a brand in today’s society, it is important to be flexible and adaptable to its development. With top-notch research and social media presence, the brand will stay noticeable during these trying times and be even better positioned to bounce back when the country starts to recover from the pandemic.

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