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Legendary Marketer Review 2021: An In-Depth Look

by Herm6nn
Legendary Marketer Review

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If you’re investigating a thorough Legendary Marketer Review and would like to find out if it’s for you, you’ve come to the right spot.

My main aim of this analysis is to give you my unbiased opinion of this program and all the details you need to make your own educated decision.

I’ll break this business down, it’s goods and its bonus incentive packages so that you can make a well-informed decision. Okay, let’s begin!

What Is Legendary Marketer?

Dave Sharpe, founder of Legendary Marketer holding the legendary marketer book.
Dave Sharpe, founder of Legendary Marketer

Legendary Marketer is a company David Sharpe created to help people develop their internet marketing business through online courses and live events.

Its training platform is best suited for those who already have existing businesses seeking to expand and those looking to start from scratch.

You are incorporated to the platform through a 15-day training program that gives you a deeper understanding of how an online business works.

It brings together the puzzle pieces so that everyone can comprehend the principles and understand how things work. Those who struggled to develop an online company alone will now be able to see where they went wrong.

You will have access to a business plan counselor who guides you during your preparation. There are different courses structured around different skill levels, so there’s something for everyone, and those who achieve what they’re learning get great results.

Can You Make Money With Legendary Marketer?

To be entirely honest with you, YES , you can make serious money with Legendary Marketer, just as you probably saw some screenshots from it’s own affiliates getting paid some thousand dollars a day.

That’s obviously not a scam, but whether this program can work for you and have the same results is a completely different story.

My main aim of this Legendary Marketer review is to give you my unbiased opinion of this program and the information you will need to make your own informed decision.

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How Does Legendary Marketer Work?

Legendary Marketer Commission structure

According to Dave, an internet company startup’s success rate is as bad as conventional business startups — only 1 out of 10 would succeed.

Nonetheless, franchise business has a much higher success rate. According to Dave, nine out of ten franchise companies survive. So he wants to bring online the traditional franchise business strategy.

That means Dave has built an established sales funnel that works. All you need to do is work with him, use his “online franchise business” and earn money.

So, Legendary Marketer is also recognized as “Duplicate Dave”. You’re basically duplicating what Dave developed, using the established sales funnel to make a profit for yourself.

In other words, Legendary Marketer’s only commodity is its training and membership. But training is all about trying to promote their own high-ticket enrollment.

By following their instruction, you’re only reselling their memberships to gain money.

Is Legendary Marketer An MLM Program? / Is Legendary Marketer A Pyramid Scheme

After doing my research for the Legendary Marketer review, I’ve found it to be very clear that this isn’t an MLM company as it doesn’t have many commission structure rates. It’s a pure affiliate business model only with one-tier, you and only your referral.

Since David Sharpe used to be a member of an MLM’s Empower Network, many people get the idea that Legendary Marketer is the same.

Legendary Marketer isn’t an MLM nor a Pyramid Scheme, because it has a single-level affiliate payment scheme.

How Good Is The Legendary Marketer Affiliate Training?

What I like so much about Legendary Marketer is that folks who go through their training will get value from them and help their online business meaningfully if they take action.

Then you get access to the 15 Day Online Business Challenge that gets you to take action right away and head down the right path. The first 3 days alone contain several aha-moments.

Marketers Club is also useful. Not only would you get access to training and interviews with 6 and 7 figure affiliates, but you can watch a weekly webinar replay that will stroll you through a special marketing concept.

This keeps content fresh and keeps you engaged.

The Legendary Marketer Review: Affiliate Backend System 

Legendary Marketer affiliate login dashboard.

Legendary Marketer has one of the very best affiliate backends.

First Legendary gives you absolute funnels for all their front-end deals. So if you’re a ClickFunnels user, just incorporate them directly into your account. It allows you to configure the funnels as you wish, and work with any third party email provider.

Just use regular affiliate links to promote deals. Their affiliate links help to add a tracking id in order to track from where your sales come. If you use GetResponse, SendLane, or Aweber as your default email autoresponder, you can integrate directly into the backend.

That gives you the choice to follow up with Legendary or yourself (or both).

While doing the Legendary Marketer review, I’ve found that you can also insert your Aweber, ClickFunnels and GetResponse affiliate links to the backend. So if any of your legendary referrals buy these products, you also earn commissions!

What’s Included In Legendary Marketer?

Legendary Marketer has many unique and high-quality products. So, what you get from it as a customer depends on which product you’ve purchased.

There are three ways to enter Legendary Marketer, which is as follows:

  1. When you join their Business Builder Challenge
  1. When you subscribe to Legendary Marketer ‘s Club
  1. When you buy a book called “Legendary Marketer”

Legendary Marketer provides many helpful internet marketing courses to support those interested in starting their own internet career. The available products have their own specific topic and expert in that area who could teach you the fundamental and intermediate levels of online marketing.

The basics you’ll learn are:

  • Facebook Ads
  • Lead Generation
  • Facebook Marketing Strategies
  • YouTube Marketing
  • Instagram Marketing
  • TikTok Marketing

Legendary Marketer Review Of Product Lineups And Their Costs

Everyone knows that quality products from any business entity will allow everyone to thrive.

Legendary Marketer has many various products. So what you will get as a customer depends as to which products you purchased.

Legendary Marketers Club Subscription Membership

Legendary Marketers Club Membership

This is their membership training program in digital marketing and is a beginner-friendly product. Dubbed as “Online Marketing Training Netflix,” this one consists of numerous mini-courses created to assist entrepreneurs to develop and scale businesses online.

It’s a monthly subscription membership plan which costs $30 per month. The Marketers Club product seems to be the only offer paying out recurring affiliate commissions. You can also gain exposure to weekly live lessons, each provided by the Legendary Marketer team.

The only other downside to this is they often don’t let you see the content beforehand, so you’re usually better off watching replays. But attending live has even more value, as you can ask amazing experts questions and get them addressed on the point.

Speaking of the mini-courses, only 7 are available at the time of writing, but each one includes 4-21 video lessons everywhere. Combined, you see over 30 hours of material covering many different online marketing verticals.

As for the quality and performance of the lessons, most content is filmed before a live audience.

The Insider’s Guide To Affiliate Marketing Ebook

David Sharpe (Dave Sharpe) holding The Insider’s Guide To Affiliate Marketing book in his studio.

There was a real, physical legendary book you could buy. But it soon became outdated as Legendary Marketer had evolved. Before writing this Legendary Marketer review, I’ve read the ebook and found it to be full of valuable information.

Nevertheless, David Sharpe recently released a new ebook, the Insiders Guide to Affiliate Marketing, and it’s one of the low ticket product lines that introduce people to Legendary.

It checks all the right boxes about subjects discussed and how it’s delivered. The speakers know absolutely what they’re doing, and it feels very fresh. Overall, all the normal marketing basics are well covered here, as well as some pretty sophisticated hacks some of their leaders are doing.

The book is packed full of value; it is a must-read for just about any affiliate marketer, newbie, or otherwise. You’ll also learn fundamentals and other key evergreen strategies. The book’s price is $1.99

Free Bonuses for the Insider’s Guide to Affiliate Marketing Ebook, as Provided by Legendary:

15-Second Free Leads: TikTok Lead Generation Training 

15-Second Free Leads: TikTok Lead Generation Training By Legendary Marketer

One of today’s hottest social platforms is Tik Tok. While the platform appears to be teen-oriented, I know many people who see great progress using Tik Tok to drive leads and make profits with Legendary.

What makes Tik Tok appealing to advertisers is that you can get plenty of exposure in a short time by creating short, small videos. This makes it the perfect platform for quick results to help bootstrap your achievement.

This TikTok marketing course is a documented training with 4 affiliates from Legendary who have seen some impressive results leveraging Tik Tok for their company. If you don’t mind being on camera, this product costs only $1.

Free Bonuses That Come With the Tiktok Lead Generation Training:

The Copywriters Playbook

Copywriter’s Playbook by Legendary Marketer

Copywriting is the #1, top income-generating skill that every online marketer can learn. Strong copy helps make further sales, period.

Showcasing your copy across your story seems to be the very best way to turn your visitors into paying customers. And The Copywriters Playbook educates you on how to go about it.

The product is an 8-module video course deepening the various aspects of developing quality copy. This costs $1.

Free Bonuses That Come Bundled With The Copywriter’s Playbook:

15 Day Online Business Builder Challenge

15 Day Online Business Builder Challenge by Legendary Marketer

As the title suggests, this is a series of 15-day lessons that teach you the basics of building your own online business. Personally, I love challenges like this. 

All the videos pack so much value, and if you weren’t exposed to these concepts before, you can really learn a lot. And not just from their video lessons. 

This is also where you can call your designated business consultant. The coach is there to help you answer any questions you have and give you some advice about how to make the most of Legendary Marketer.

The 15-Day Challenge ends up costing $7 once if you buy it alone and includes lots of free bonuses that could keep you busy for a while.

Free Bonuses Included With The 15-Day Business Builder Challenge

Traffic University

Legendary Marketer Traffic University [Previously known as traffic rolodex]

Now, during this part of our Legendary Marketer review, let’s look at a high ticket product Legendary is calling Traffic University. Traffic is every digital marketer’s lifeblood. You need the traffic to see your deals and click your affiliate links.

Traffic University shows you how to use different paid traffic tactics. Each of these training sessions is performed by AdSkills.

AdSkills is a consulting organization specializing in pay-as-you-go approaches. It’s run by Justin Brooke, who ran his own digital ad agency which made millions for his customers.

If you decided to sign up directly with Adskills, you ‘d have to pay $5k for access. But as they’re part of Traffic Rolodex, you’ll get access to all these 8 modules for just $1,497.

  • Youtube 3.0
  • Facebook Ads 2.0
  • Native Ads
  • Google Display Network (GDN) 2.0
  • Landing Pages
  • AdWords Ads 2.0
  • Twitter Ads 2.0
  • LinkedIn Ads
  • Instagram Ads

Though I’ve only been around the Facebook Advertising module so far, I’ve been happy with all the content I’ve seen. They’re not just teaching high-level difficulty things. You get an in-depth base on how to get traffic for your website.

Affiliate Marketing Business Blueprint

Affiliate Marketing Business Blueprint By Legendary Marketer

Affiliate marketing is probably one of the most common online business models throughout 2020 and the last decade because it provides a very low entry barrier with great scale potential — a combination you’ll fail to find with the other models. This course costs $2,500 as a one-time charge. 

The whole training takes you through affiliate marketing basics, such as:

  • Actionable advice on getting started
  • Learning how to pick out products to promote
  • What affiliate marketing is
  • How affiliate marketing actually works
  • How to start earning your first commissions

Again, while you still can apply these lessons to many other affiliate opportunities, most of the training is about helping to promote Legendary Marketer products, and if you remember earlier, you’ll have to pay monthly fees to get the best commissions.

You may start to see just how their training integrates in a way that makes it hard to refuse the next bid, but it’s up to you (and your wallet) to agree with this form of marketing. 

Digital Products Business Blueprint

Digital Products Business Blueprint by Legendary Marketer

This training is about producing digital items such as written ebooks, video content, and audio files for sale via a course or portal type membership. (You can do away with shipping and logistics nightmares.)

Make no mistake, it’s still a powerful and underused strategy of monetization. Although most online marketers help promote other products to cut profits, this technique allows you to keep every sale 100%.

This training is categorized into two main stages:

  1. Channeling your experience and excitement into a complete product of information, including which medium to use and how to organize information in a meaningful way.
  2. Getting that information product to your target audience, including topics like what marketing strategies to use and how to find that “sweet spot” in terms of pricing.

In terms of value for money, the Digital Marketing Business Blueprint has been $2,500 as a one-time payment, which is again a pretty considerable investment for any online training course.

Events & Masterminds Business Blueprint

Legendary Marketer Live Mastermind Event
Legendary Marketer Mastermind Event

That’s the only one high-end investment I think is worth it. When you pay more than $1,000, you can get some direct communication or coaching

Given the growing popularity of online ventures, masterminds and events continue to remain a successful business incentive for those who prefer an “in-person” approach.

Like the above courses, this one can be implemented to almost any industry which is much like internet advertising, self-improvement, fitness and health, and many more.

In this training you are going to learn about:

  • How to organize your event correctly (avoid common pitfalls).
  • Who to recruit and where to host events?
  • Slash overhead and boost profits.
  • How to create a positive environment for your guests.
  • How to get people back to (and pay).

This is mainly focused on live, in-person activities. So anyone trying to hold virtual summits or daily mastermind group calls can find little interest in this one.

Getting access and entry to the Events & Masterminds Business Blueprint would also require $2,500 as a one-time payment.

Coaching & Consulting Business Blueprint

Legendary Marketer Review: Coaching & Consulting Business Blueprint

Not ready for the affiliate marketing hype train? Don’t want to develop and sell digital products? Well, you ‘re not out of options.

If you have time, expertise and experience to give, being a consultant or coach will allow you to develop a highly profitable service-based company without selling to the masses.

This training shows you how:

  • You can define your consulting and coaching service
  • To use an invoicing system for customer payments
  • To find the right channels and software for your company
  • Far does this set you back?
  • To get qualified leads for your service?
  • To create a successful pitch and close prospective customers

The Coaching & Consulting Business Blueprint could very well set you back another $2,500 as just a one-time payment.

Although this business model is far less scalable than the previous one, there’s no doubting that becoming a successful consultant or coach will easily yield that investment.

Is Legendary Marketer The Same As It Was A Year Ago?

Legendary marketer is constantly being reviewed and improved, which is great. This is why I will always try keep this Legendary Marketer review post updated.

Early 2019, they added live weekly training. And in 2020, the Copywriters Playbook alongside the Tik Tok front-end packages were introduced, providing new ways to encourage preparation.

Marketer ‘s Club consistently adds new content. And the Company Blueprints introduced the live “Decade in a day” training that made the package even more enticing to purchase.

And many of the old rules that had made Legendary less appealing were modified for the best. Most notably, we can now promote any goods from the Legendary Marketer ecosphere without having to buy it. Legendary marketers can’t be considered “pay to play” anymore.

The Legendary Marketer Live Support System

Being an affiliate of Legendary Marketer for nearly a year now, I had a ton of questions.

What really surprised me was how dedicated their support staff is.

Even though the support system they use (Zendesk) says chat left for the day, I always get someone to answer my question.

It’s a little thing, but it helps give me more confidence that David has a really good team.

The Legendary Marketer Facebook Group Community

Legendary marketers posing for a photo.

Whatever (or even how many) products you purchase, you’ll be asked to join their Facebook community including over 16,000 other members of Legendary Marketer.

If you first join the group, please provide your account email for verification purposes.

Approval may take a few days, but once inside you can:

  • Discuss courses and takeaways
  • Network with other members
  • Get advice on key sticking points
  • Learn about other business endeavours

Even after videos, available for download PDFs and unending bonuses, a busy community is perhaps the most underestimated perk you obtain from such a purchase. Often it’s also the most worthwhile for your long-term business.

For Whom Is Legendary Marketer Best Suited?

Affiliate marketers seeking to increase their customers and revenue through more leads can benefit from Legendary Marketer’s comprehensive courses. It can help drive the most traffic and boost their following.

Ultimately, only those that have already gained massive followers ( or just plain rich) can afford these training and courses. Leaving behind those wanting to pursue this career.

For Whom Is Legendary Marketer Best NOT Suited?

Though I try to be as comprehensive as possible in this Legendary Marketer Review, I will be honest. This program is not for everyone.

Originally, Legendary Marketer is targeted at beginners or ambitious internet marketers, and for some reason, I consider most of them not as available. Because of its price range, new arrivals may find joining and using the platform hard. The Legendary Marketer isn’t perfect for:

  • Newbie marketers who are short on cash / have inadequate funds
  • Lazy marketers who won’t work

Is Legendary Marketer Worth the Price?

Sure, it’s worth investing in Legendary Marketer. Legendary Marketer is among the biggest training programs offering people a way to make money while they practice digital marketing.

Is Legendary Marketer Legit or Scam?

Legendary marketer certainly NOT a scam because it offers tools to assist you through preparation towards becoming a successful online marketer. Dave Sharpe has long been in online marketing and understands the inner workings of marketing.

More than 300,000 students have either gone through his training materials online or live. I’m indeed one of the Legendary Marketer students, benefiting from this training program. Sure, the system has its positive and negative sides, but it is not a scam.

Legendary Marketer Review: Final Thoughts

There are so many possible ways to make good money online these days. Yet it’s the greatest obstacle for most people who are starting out.

Legendary Marketer offers next-level training for anyone pursuing the idea of a successful online business. Within just 15 days, you’ll be taking actionable steps each and every day to get your own customized business plan.

Joining the Online Business Builder Challenge is just $7. I’d say if you’re looking to sell products as an affiliate with the intention of making your own digital goods or even organizing your own events in the future, then this is most definitely a good opportunity.

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