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ManyChat Review 2021: An AI Chatbot For Your Business

by Herm6nn
ManyChat Review

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Whether you are an entrepreneur, a small business owner, or a large corporation, you have probably started to notice the impact of chatbots on the business world. Chatbots are not just about interacting with your customers or clients but are also about automating the most time-consuming tasks in your company. They are the future of business, and many businesses are already taking advantage of this new technology. Today, I am going to review ManyChat, a very promising AI Chatbot which is taking the industry by storm. My ManyChat review will help you decide if this software is right for your business.

What is ManyChat?

ManyChat is a platform that enables you to create Facebook Messenger chatbots. A Messenger chatbot may be used for a variety of reasons, including marketing and customer service. However, it does not work with any other social media platforms.

The platform’s main selling feature is how simple it is to use. ManyChat promises to be able to create a chatbot in less than two minutes. You don’t need to be an expert to accomplish it since there’s no coding required.

You may utilize ManyChat to fully automate your Messenger marketing at a higher level. You may also connect it with a variety of CRMs. As a result, you’ll be able to make even more focused broadcasts. You may be wondering why ManyChat has chosen to concentrate only on Facebook Messenger.

It is said to be one of the most widely used messaging platforms on the planet. Facebook now has over 1 billion members globally, all of whom may use Messenger for free. When compared to email and other comparable methods, Messenger broadcasts have an open rate of 80%. According to ManyChat, Messenger has a four to ten times greater click-through rate (CTR) than email.

ManyChat Key Features Reviewed

ManyChat offers a lot of features, but they’re all centered on a few key ones that drive the software’s purpose and functionality. Here are a few of my personal favorites.

A Simple User Interface

ManyChat takes pride in its ease of use and is available 24 hours a day as one of the top chatbot building platforms. It has an icon-heavy user interface that makes it extremely obvious what you need to accomplish through app actions. Basic and Flow Builders are also available on the platform. Both enable you to design a simple conversation flow that your bot will use while talking with another person. The Basic Builder, on the other hand, provides a bit more assistance. The Flow Builder gives you additional options to build more chatbot flows.

The app settings collect just enough data to make it run. The flow builder has access to all app operations. The title and description of app activities determine how they operate. The program does not collect superfluous data, and all external sources that affect the app’s speed are always appropriately set.

It’s all pretty straightforward and self-explanatory, so you won’t have to spend much time on tutorials. ManyChat also performs an excellent job of describing what each feature does when you use it.

Flow Builder

We have two choices with ManyChat: the basic builder and the Flow Builder. I was hesitant to go with something ‘basic’ after paying such a high price. Flow Builder gives you a comprehensive picture of all of your user interactions. It was intended to make things simpler, but it turned into a constant source of irritation for me. After taking a long time to understand the fundamentals, I discovered that it is not only difficult, but also sluggish.

The Basic Builder

The content of your chatbot is better structured with the Basic Builder, and all of the messages in a certain flow are displayed in chronological order. As the name implies, this interface is quite simple, but it guarantees that you can maintain your chatbot organized.

Customization of Chatbot Automation

Automation is one of ManyChat’s most important features for ensuring that your chatbot works exactly as you want it to. The last thing you want is a bot that isn’t working properly and makes you seem unprofessional, since this may lose you clients.

ManyChat’s advanced automation capabilities are only available to pro account holders, but it still has a large variety for people who don’t want to pay for the service. One of the most important and straightforward things you can do with this feature is to alter the chatbot’s default response. 

The default response isn’t ideal, and you want your chatbot’s first response to be customized and make your audience feel like you put work into it. Customizing the automation and default message of your chatbot is critical since there’s nothing worse than an uncustomized chatbot that seems low-effort and alienates your audience.

An Array of Growth Tools

ManyChat also has a number of growth tools, most of which are exclusively accessible to Pro users.

One of these tools is the Facebook Comments tool. This feature, which is available to all users, enables you to convert post comments into bot subscribers. It’s a fantastic method to get leads from individuals who comment on your articles but don’t directly contact you.

For individuals who click on the advertisements you put out, the Facebook Ads tool performs the same thing. You may also use the Messenger Code tool to make scannable visuals that users can use to subscribe to your bot.

Each of these solutions makes it easier to generate leads using ManyChat.

The software also offers metrics for any growth tool you use. It will display key data such as Impressions, Opt-ins, and Conversion Rates.

All of this implies that your ManyChat bot may work in tandem with your other Facebook marketing initiatives.

Live Chat is like a live chat room but

There may be times when your chatbot is unable to respond to a query asked by a user. ManyChat, thankfully, takes care of this with a simple Live Chat function.

When you go to the platform’s Live Chat page, you’ll see a list of individuals who have asked queries that the bot hasn’t been able to answer. Then it’s only a matter of clicking on the conversation to take control.

You may even utilize this data to enhance the functioning of your bot.

Again, it’s all really straightforward, which is a characteristic of ManyChat.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Natural Language Processing (NLP)

ManyChat’s AI and NLP are straightforward.You may combine keywords together in ManyChat and create a specific answer for them. Intents and automated synonyms, on the other hand, are not supported.

They do offer the option of how the term is matched in their keywords function. This is a function that isn’t available in every chatbot software.

Template Integration Options

ManyChat is compatible with a variety of third-party templates, some of which may be useful for generating leads. If you don’t want to spend a lot of time developing your own bot, buying a template online is one of the best methods to obtain a bot that successfully interacts with a large number of your followers.

Another important feature of chatbots that has yet to be mentioned is their ability to filter out potential messages from people who aren’t interested in contacting you. Whether it’s spam or just an unruly customer, a chatbot can help you sort through chats to determine who is actually interested in speaking with you.

How To Get Started With ManyChat

When compared to the free version, sign up for the ManyChat Pro edition to get the most features. With ManyChat, first you have to connect your brand’s Facebook fan page. On the left pane below, choose ‘Growth Tools.’ Then, in the top right corner, click on “New Growth Tool.”

Facebook Ads JSON, which is only accessible in the Pro edition, will appear. To edit and personalize the message you wish to send out to your clients, click on ‘Edit.’ You’ll need to be cautious and “subtle” in asking for honest feedback about their purchase at this point.

After that, you’ll create the kind of automatic response buttons you wish to provide for consumers’ convenience. You may add several layers of replies to client inquiries, as well as set up delayed responses. It’s a lovely tool, and you should look at the other aspects that may be useful to your clients.

ManyChat Pricing

ManyChat offers a free plan that will remain free indefinitely. This subscription includes 1000 contacts but does not include all of the capabilities offered by ManyChat (but still enough to make a good chatbot).

If you want additional features, you can subscribe to the Pro plan for $15 per month, which is a fantastic deal:

The cost of the Pro plan increases in direct proportion to the number of subscribers your chatbot has. One thousand monthly subscribers cost $25, while five thousand monthly subscribers cost $45 per month.

The only potential disadvantage is that the Pro plan does not provide a trial, but this is irrelevant since there is a 30-day money-back guarantee with no questions asked.

ManyChat Pros and Cons

Even though ManyChat is one of the top chatbot tools for businesses, there may be a few areas that outshine the rest. Here are some of the pros and cons that I’ve discovered when using ManyChat.

Pros (Advantages of Using ManyChat)

  • A built-in live chat feature
  • Daily/Weekly/Monthly subscriber reports
  • Wide variety of features available
  • Works seamlessly with Messenger
  • Industry competitive price
  • A/B split testing
  • Lead generation options built-in

Cons (Disadvantages of Using ManyChat)

  • If you have a large audience, this might get costly.
  • The flow builder is quite complicated.
  • It may not be essential for all marketers.

ManyChat Customer Support

ManyChat offers assistance through a variety of channels, each of which addresses a distinct topic. By choosing the Help tab, you may access the entire range of assistance options.

First and foremost, there is extensive support documentation. You can probably find it there if you want to know how to utilize ManyChat’s features or if you need to troubleshoot something.

You can also contact ManyChat’s support team directly by submitting a ticket. You could also join the ManyChat community to connect with other users, ask questions, and gain ideas and inspiration.

ManyChat Review: Final Thoughts

Overall, ManyChat is a well-designed chatbot platform that will reward anyone who masters all of its intricacies. You can accomplish a lot with ManyChat after you’ve learned it.

I was able to get started building chatbots very immediately, but some of the more complex capabilities took me a bit longer to figure out. It was completely natural for me to construct entire bots once I knew all of that.

So, I hope you enjoyed reading through my ManyChat Review and if you’re thinking about creating Facebook Messenger chatbots for your company, I think ManyChat is worth a look. You could sign up for ManyChat’s free plan and discover if it fits your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) About ManyChat

Who uses ManyChat?

Small businesses and the marketing and advertising industries are the most popular users of ManyChat.

Is ManyChat safe to use?

ManyChat is one of the most popular Facebook Messenger chatbot software systems. It’s a great platform for building a chatbot in a matter of minutes, and it’s used by a lot of individuals all around the world.

In fact, chatbots, like any other digital technology, are only as safe as the user makes them. Though they have the potential to be used as a backdoor by hackers, they are as safe and secure as any other customer-facing technology, provided you invest correctly.

Is ManyChat a Chatbot?

Yes, you may use it to create chatbots for your company. Small companies may use ManyChat’s all-in-one chatbot platform to interact with prospects, keep current customers engaged, and develop conversational bots that help them sell.

Is ManyChat free?

ManyChat is a free package that covers all of the essential tools for developing Facebook Messenger chatbots, such as unlimited subscribers, audience segmentation, two drip sequences, visual flow builder, and more.

How do I get more subscribers on ManyChat?

Because ManyChat is only a chatbot builder, if you want to gain more subscribers, you’ll have to perform the legwork of marketing your Facebook page.

Within ManyChat, however, you can and should optimize your chatbots through the various app actions available. A good approach to achieve this is to observe how people engage with your bot and then adjust it to reflect those interactions, providing a better experience for your users.

Why use ManyChat to get customer reviews?

People are more likely to check out your product if it has received positive customer evaluations and ratings. Bad ones, on the other hand, might have a detrimental influence on your business if not addressed promptly. ManyChat is an excellent tool for gathering consumer feedback and evaluating your products and services.

Is ManyChat worth the money?

The answer is, in a nutshell, yes. However, you can only respond “yes” if you conduct a lot of Facebook marketing or have a large Facebook page. If you don’t have any of these and don’t expect to expand very soon, the premium edition of ManyChat may not be necessary. ManyChat is an excellent FaceBook Messenger bot that gets the job done and goes above and beyond with extra tools and lead generating possibilities, whether it’s paid or not.

How do I set up ManyChat?

When you initially use ManyChat, it guides you through the setup procedure. Simply follow the steps offered, and if you want further assistance, you may refer to the tutorials provided by ManyChat to learn what to do and/or fix your individual issue.

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