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Marketing Boost Review 2021

by Herm6nn
Marketing Boost Review 2021

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Marketing Boost can be a useful tool. It allows you the opportunity to provide your prospects and clients with valuable incentives. Some of these may include rewards such as eating discounts, travel savings gift cards and free holidays (luxury hotel accommodation). This Marketing Boost review will help you get started if you don’t know where to begin.

Update: Marketing Boost now allows you to use the vacation certificate within 2 years after activating the vacation incentive package.

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What is Marketing Boost?

Marketing Boost is a marketing company founded on incentives. It allows its users to offer their clients and customers complimentary holidays, hotel savings, and restaurant gift cards.

Example of how a Printed Vacation Voucher looks like from Marketing Boost

This innovative platform is a perfect opportunity for company owners, marketers and advertisers to raise the appeal of a service or product without raising the actual costs involved.

It is the ideal tool to use to provide your clients and prospects with fantastic and exclusive rewards that will be extremely challenging for your rivals to match.

Does Marketing Boost Contain an Affiliate Program?

If you’re a marketer who is reading this review, you’re probably curious whether it has an affiliate program?

The answer is indeed YES!

In fact, Marketing Boost has a fantastic affiliate program and a model car incentive!

You can register as an affiliate free of charge by clicking here.

As an affiliate, you will receive 40% commission from each person you refer to who joins the program. If you’d like to earn even more commissions, I would recommend that you become a member yourself so that you can also receive commissions from the “activation” of the vacation vouchers you give away.

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How Does Marketing Boost Work?

MarketingBoost partners closely with a major travel firm to further occupy otherwise vacant rooms at hotels and resorts all around the world.

As a participant, you have the right to give your future customers/clients free coupons for all of these resorts. Whilst doing the Marketing Boost review, I’ve found that the only direct costs which your customers will be supposed to pay will be resort costs and any local taxes.

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Who Is It For?

Marketing Boost is great for someone who wishes to blow up their earnings without raising their promotional budgets. Owners of companies, Affiliate Marketers, Marketing Managers, Real Estate Developers, etc …

And, no matter what your niche is, you will be able to use MarketingBoost to boost your earnings.

Marketing Boost Review: 7 Day Free Trial
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What Are the Costs Involved?

There are 2 different packages that one can choose from. Both monthly and annual payment options are available.

Monthly Package

Annual Package

Click here to see the differences between each package in more detail.

The most popular package is the “Gold” option in the annual package.

This kit will give you limitless holiday coupons, hotel certificates and restaurant coupons.

Paying $347 each year is an absolute bargain and a marketing dream. A few sales, or just one sale, could fund the expense of this method for the entire year.

The Gold Package is the one I’m currently using in my business model.

If you’re working as an entity or have more than 1 company, you’re going to want to get the “Platinum” package. In this package, you can always offer limitless coupons, but the main change is that you can have up to five separate companies. This package costs $927 annually.

Overall, having Marketing Boost is indeed an investment in you and your company. In my personal view, this tool is “too cheap” taking into consideration how much worth (and profit) this can add when properly implemented in your business.

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Is It Worth the Money and Effort?

Here’s a hypothetical question that you should ask yourself, which should make that answer very clear.

If you decided to get a subscription today, and everything you did was to get an additional 10% profit over the course of next year using it, would you spend $927 to make that worth it?

Is It a Scam?

When people first learn about Marketing Boost, they always believe it as something which is “to be too good to be true.” But in reality, big corporations have been using this “incentive-based marketing” method for years!

  • Any costs associated with the redemption of vouchers are specifically stated (i.e. resort costs and the local taxes).
  • There are no time-sharing meetings to attend and no other special conditions to redeem those vouchers.

To answer that question… No, it is indeed NOT a scam!

It is a truly legitimate way of boosting your sales, boosting your business and tracking your growth in any business. I  highly recommend it and will continue to use marketing boost to grow my company. 

It is simply a great tool which I believe should be used by every marketer and business owner to boost their conversions and make more sales. Real Marketing Boost Testimonials can be seen here. 

Marketing Boost Review: 7 Day Free Trial
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Final Thoughts

Overall, as far as marketing tools go, I would give Marketing Boost a solid 9/10. I would highly recommend that you check out this platform for your business, especially if you’re looking for a way to give unique and valuable bonuses.

I hope you’ve enjoyed my 2021 Marketing Boost review. If you have any questions about Marketing Boost, please feel free to contact me. I’ll do everything I can to answer your questions. Thank you, and have a wonderful day.

Special MarketingBoost Bonuses

Yes, you read it right! You are eligible to receive some special bonuses, if you decide to sign up with MarketingBoost through any of my affiliate links in this post. 

NB: You can claim these bonuses from me once you sign up for either their annual gold or platinum plan.

Bonus 1

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Bonus 3

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Marketing Boost Review: 7 Day Free Trial
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