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Network Marketing Strategy: 3 Tips For Success

by Herm6nn
Network Marketing Strategy

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I’m often asked what is the best Network Marketing strategy to construct a business in today’s market. The response is there isn’t really a good answer. There are mainly three strategies which are used today to build a network marketing business.

There’s the offline model, the online model and the hybrid model. Now, whatever Network Marketing strategy is best for you depends entirely on your likes, strengths, dislikes and weaknesses.

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Why Your Network Marketing Strategy Didn’t Work

A strategy for Network Marketing that is bulletproof could be the secret to your success. Whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned network marketer; your industry longevity will be assured by a sound strategy.

This is a documented fact that 97 percent of all network marketers fail in the MLM industry. Yes, in their lifetime, 97 per cent fail to make even $500. That is because of two main factors. First, there is no clear plan or strategy in place and secondly, outdated strategies are given that won’t work in this new era.

Now a well thought out blue print is a tool for success. When a builder starts building a house, he doesn’t begin first with the roof. Firstly, a builder builds a solid base; a base strong enough to withstand anything thrown at it.

This is especially the case with network marketing or anything in life. So to help you out, I’ve simplified it into three easy strategies. Let’s just take a look at all three:

1. The Offline Model

For decades the offline Network Marketing strategy has been around there. It’s most definitely the same marketing model you’re taught while you’re in a conventional network marketing business. List 200 names and numbers. Call each one, and somehow get them in front of your chance information.

This typically includes hotel meetings, home meetings, luncheons, 3-foot law, 3-way telephone calls and plenty of belly networking. For some people this is a proven method, if this style resonates with you, then maybe this is your best choice.

2. The Online Model

For several years the online Network Marketing strategy has been around. Its base lies in marketing attractions. Basically, you simply share and discuss information about yourself and what you have learnt when you market online. Using what you’ve learned about marketing, you ‘re sharing it with others so that those who like you can join you and those who doubt falling off your list.

You need to create landing pages, blogs, have social media accounts, and then learn how to drive traffic to these sites. The next thing you focus on turning that traffic into a lead once that traffic is there. If you have a lead in your list, you’ll interact to share value via email. From personal development to hot marketing tips value can be anything.

Something they’ll benefit from knowing. Those who like what you share will remain on your list, and those who don’t, will not. You will eventually recommend products to earn commissions through this power of the list and also mentor some of them on your team.

3. The Hybrid Model

The hybrid Network Marketing strategy is about the combination of of offline and online models. Perhaps this is where you create a blog, landing page, or promote a system. You drive online traffic to that system but you are also marketing offline in addition to that.

Not so much in the sense described above, but instead your marketing efforts offline drive traffic to your online Network Marketing strategy through items such as drop cards, postcards, associations or clubs where you can network your marketing skills. Print advertisements in journals and magazines.

Final Thoughts

The selection of a Network Marketing strategy is where all power is at. It depends entirely on what kind of person you are, and what works with your natural talents. You can use any of those models as the mechanics are simple.

The trick is choosing one that really will resonate with you. This way you can form a mastermind team for help, but more importantly because it’s what resonates with you, then it’s a strategy that you’re going to perform on a consistent, focused foundation. That is what matters the most.

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