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SMS Marketing for Small Businesses: All You Need To Know

by Herm6nn
SMS Marketing for Small Businesses

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In today’s world, it is more important than ever for small businesses to find new ways of promoting their brands. One of the emerging marketing trends that have been gaining popularity in recent years is SMS marketing for small businesses.

The use of this strategy can help small business owners reach a wider audience and promote their products and services to potential customers who are on the go or busy with other things. In this blog post, we will explore how you can start using SMS marketing to your advantage as a small business owner. 

What Is SMS Marketing?

SMS marketing is one of the most effective ways in which business owners can communicate with their customers and encourage them to buy their products and services while on the go or during other activities.

Most mobile phone users receive dozens of text messages per day and may easily miss an important message if it does not contain any kind of special attention-grabbing content or a sense of urgency that will entice them to open it immediately.

Business owners know that communicating with their customers effectively is the key to ensuring long-term success, and it’s not always easy to find the right medium for doing so. It can be hard enough trying to catch a person’s attention when they are going about their everyday lives.

This is where SMS marketing comes into play as a very useful tool for business owners who want to get their point across quickly and effectively, without having to rely on pesky call reminders that really get in the way. 

Using this marketing strategy, small businesses can also promote their products and services to potential new clients who are on the go or busy with other tasks.

How Does SMS Marketing Work?

If you have never used SMS marketing before, it can be a little difficult to understand exactly how this strategy works. 

It’s true that texting is a very common form of communication these days, but many businesses still don’t seem to realize the full potential of this marketing technique for promoting products and services.

Small businesses owners can take advantage of this strategy by sending out short messages to the people who may be interested in their products and services.

These text messages can contain offers, invitations to events or just general information that a customer might find useful. 

This marketing strategy is especially effective because it allows business owners to use words and phrases that will get right through to customers with minimal effort. You don’t have to work very hard at all when you are only writing short paragraphs for each message. It’s like being able to deliver your message in just a few seconds!  

There are many different kinds of SMS campaigns that small businesses can engage in, depending on what they hope to accomplish with their outreach efforts. For example, they may create automated messages that are sent to customers who have visited their website, signed up for a newsletter or even asked them a question. 

These automated messages can be created using a specific keyword or phrase, which the business owner will use to search for in any responses they receive from customers. 

This way, business owners can easily spot any comments or inquiries that they may have received without needing to go through the entire inbox of their text message service.

Why Should Small Businesses Use SMS Marketing?

There are many reasons why small businesses should use SMS marketing to expand their reach, but chief among them is the fact that it’s convenient for customers. 

Imagine being able to promote your products and services to customers that you would have otherwise not been able to reach. This is possible when you use SMS marketing. 

It’s not necessary to have any special technical skills in order to use this strategy, and it is a cost-effective way for businesses of any size to stay in touch with their customers. 

Most importantly, this strategy allows business owners to build relationships with their customers and promote their brand or company name without having to rely on other channels of communication that may be more time-consuming and expensive. 

If you are looking to grow your business and expand your reach, then look no further than SMS marketing as a way to give yourself the competitive edge.  It’s quick, effective, and extremely convenient for all business owners.

How To Create an SMS Campaign for Your Business

SMS marketing is actually quite easy to do once you have figured out the different features and options that are available at your disposal. 

You’ll need to have an effective message, but beyond that, you don’t really need a lot of technical knowledge when it comes down to sending text messages. 

One of the best ways for business owners to effectively send out SMS marketing messages is to create their own software program or download an app on their phone so they can easily send out customized messages as needed. 

Some business owners may not be able to find and download software programs that fit their needs, so it’s always best to search around before deciding which option works best for them. 

Choosing an SMS Marketing Platform

When you are looking for an SMS service provider, there are a few different features and options that you should be on the lookout for to make sure you find the best value. 

The best providers will offer instant activation when you sign up, as well as unlimited text messages. Some services charge a monthly fee just to send out text messages, so you should be sure to look for a provider that offers unlimited text messages as well, so nothing will hold you back from sending out your message whenever you want. 

You’ll also need to look at things like automation capabilities and the tools that are available in order to make it easy for business owners to integrate their SMS service into another software program.

Deciding on a Keyword or Phrase for Your SMS Campaign

Once you have decided that you want to create an SMS marketing campaign, the first thing you’ll need to do is determine which keywords or phrases will trigger your customized messages. 

You may choose to use specific questions asked by customers as a way of triggering automated responses, but it’s also a good idea to have specific keywords in mind that will help you to create well-rounded messages. 

How to Track Your SMS Marketing Campaigns

There are a lot of different ways that you can use in order to determine whether or not your SMS campaign is working. 

You will need to sit down and go through all of the different methods you’ve used when it comes to sending text messages, along with any statistics and feedback you have received from customers. 

If the phone numbers of your customers are automatically forwarded to you when they receive SMS messages, then it won’t be difficult for you to keep track of what’s working and what isn’t. 

How To Start Building a List of Numbers

One of the best ways for businesses to get started with SMS marketing is by creating their own list of potential customers.  They can build up their list over time, but it will help if they have a solid understanding of what they’re doing before they begin. 

If you are looking to create an SMS marketing list for yourself, then you should check out my GoHighLevel review to see what it can do for your business. 

How To Create New SMS Campaigns That Drive Traffic

Once business owners have set up their automated messages and keywords or triggers, they are going to want to start setting up ways of driving customers back to their website or other points of interest. 

One of the best ways to get customers to take action is by using automated follow-up messages that are sent out after you send them a more general message.  You can use this opportunity to ask questions or gather feedback in order to improve your other messages later on. 

6 Actionable Tips for Increasing Your ROI From SMS Marketing Campaigns

The use of SMS marketing has been growing steadily for several years, and there are a lot of benefits that come along with it, including getting back on your ROI. Here are 6 actionable tips to help you along the way:

  1. Use eBooks, whitepapers, or videos for lead generation using an autoresponder service. You can offer these things in return to people who give you their numbers in order to join your list (don’t use their numbers if you don’t have permission!).
  2. Focus on creating a relationship with customers through text messaging – it’s much more personal than email!
  3. Remind people how awesome your company is by scheduling messages about events and new products.
  4. Set up automated texts based on specific days, times of day, or actions (for example, if someone downloads an eBook, they get a different message the next day reminding them to read it!)
  5. Use specific keywords in order to trigger automated SMS messages.
  6. Use your company’s story as an introduction to new customers.

Examples of Successful SMS Marketing Campaigns by Other Small Businesses

One of the most effective ways for small businesses to use SMS marketing is by offering a special promotion or coupon code.  This allows customers to get discounts on their products and services, which will hopefully encourage them to become more loyal customers.

To spread awareness about this type of campaign, owners can send out texts that include specific keywords from participating stores.  This will allow customers to learn about the deals and find out where they can get them.

Another example of a successful SMS campaign comes from an Edmonton skateboard store that sends out messages and coupons to customers who have purchased products in the past.  Customers are invited to leave reviews on the product pages, and people can receive discounts based on the number of positive reviews they have.  

During one of my vacations, I found out that the owner of a small hotel in Northern Italy had been using SMS marketing to get people through the door, and since then they’ve seen a lot of success. 

They encourage people to book online and include a message in the confirmation that lists out all of the activities they can do while they’re there.  People who accept that message are then part of the reservation list and receive SMS messages with various tips and deals on local attractions.

The Future of Text-Based Communication for Businesses

While SMS marketing is still far from being the most mainstream form of marketing, the world of technology is constantly changing.  There are new advances in this field seemingly every day, and more and more people are becoming aware of its potential.

Over the last few years, we’ve seen some major developments that are going to help small businesses be even more successful when it comes to using SMS marketing.

The first big change is Google’s new messaging platform, which allows people both on Android and iOS devices to communicate with each other through their mobile phones. This means that if you have a business, you can help customers out in real-time through messages.

Businesses of all sizes are finding out that SMS marketing can be an incredibly powerful way to get new customers and increase customer loyalty. 

However, there may come a time when customers start ignoring messages because they become too common – so it’s important to make sure your campaigns aren’t too frequent or annoying!

14 SMS Marketing Best Practices To Abide By

Following SMS marketing best practices ensures that your SMS marketing activities provide substantial and successful results. Here are my top 14 SMS marketing best practices for 2021 to use right now:

  1. Keep in mind that a well-thought-out SMS strategy can be an extremely useful tool for businesses of all sizes, so make sure you’re focused on your audience!
  2. Make sure you have permission to contact customers.  It’s against the law if you don’t!
  3. Focus on using keywords strategically when you’re sending out messages.  
  4. Send out your messages at the best times – if most of your customers are on their phones in the morning, you should be doing most of your campaigns during that time of day!
  5. Create a specific plan for each person who texts in to increase customer loyalty levels.
  6. Avoid flooding people with too many messages too frequently.  If they don’t respond or open the message, it’s probably better not to follow up.
  7. Include links and pictures wherever possible so that people can learn more about your products and services without having to call!
  8. Use a “call-to-action” when you’re sending out your messages!  Ask people to make a purchase, share your message with their friends, or simply give them more information about your business.
  9. Send out content that is valuable and engaging.  If it helps your customers feel more comfortable purchasing from you, you’ll be more successful!
  10. Make sure that your messages are mobile-friendly and easy to understand.  Short statements work best because customers can get a lot of information quickly.
  11. Be careful when you’re dealing with sensitive business issues, like sending out password resets or notifications regarding delays or cancellations.   The last thing you want to do is annoy your customers!
  12. Avoid trying to be too “salesy” in your messages.  Your customers will appreciate it if you focus on giving them useful information and helping them out.
  13. It’s always a good idea to have a backup plan for emergency SMS messages that can be sent in place of your main message.  For example, you may want to have a backup plan in place for when customers can’t access the Internet or if they have no signal.
  14. And finally last but not least, keep track of how well your messages are performing and try new things!  SMS marketing is all about making it work for you.

Benefits of SMS Marketing

This Form of Marketing Is More Personal

Although it’s not quite as exciting to see your name on a billboard or hear about you through TV commercials, receiving messages from businesses can really help customers feel like they have a relationship with those businesses.  This has been shown to make them more loyal and more willing to spend money!

Customers Are Extremely Accessible

Customers can contact you any time of day or night, wherever they are.  This means that businesses don’t have to rely on the 9-5 working hours of traditional marketing methods like TV commercials and radio spots. It makes it much easier for customers to reach out – and they’re even more likely to respond if the message is interesting and engaging.

You Can Be Far More Selective With Your Customers Than You Would Be With Traditional Marketing Methods

You are limited by how far your ads will reach when you use old-school advertising techniques, but this isn’t a problem when it comes to SMS text messages!   

You can target particular groups of customers or individuals based on geographical location or gender, and you can even make your messages consistent with common interests.  This makes it much easier to reach the people who are most likely to spend money with you!

It’s a Lot Cheaper Than Other Forms of Marketing

Because there is no need for expensive, high-tech equipment or huge ad campaigns, businesses can save a lot of money by using SMS marketing.

It’s Really Easy to Track Who Responded and Who Didn’t

You can use tracking systems to keep track of how many people opened your messages and what they did afterward. This is extremely useful for making sure that people are getting your message and that they understand what you’re trying to tell them!

It’s a Lot Easier Than Most People Think

If you’re running a small business, it can be difficult to find the funds for advertising – but this is not an issue with SMS text messages! They don’t cost very much, so it’s easy to focus on making your messages pop rather than focusing on spending a lot of money.

Limitations of SMS Marketing

It’s Difficult To Get Customers to Sign Up

Some people will be happy to give you their number so that they can receive your messages, but others may feel uncomfortable with this idea.  It’s important to make it extremely easy for customers to opt-in or else you run the risk of having them not respond to your messages.

People May Not Have a Good Signal Most Of the Time

It’s not uncommon for people to be in areas where their phones don’t get much reception or where they lack Internet access. The best thing you can do is have backup plans in place so that you don’t lose customers!

Is SMS Marketing Better Than Having an Email Marketing Strategy?

When it comes to marketing, there are many different ways you can reach your potential customers. Email marketing is a tried and true method for communicating with prospects but SMS Marketing might be the best way to go. 

Not only does this type of digital marketing offer instant gratification because texts arrive instantly on people’s phones, but it also takes advantage of one of our most powerful senses-sight. 

The combination of valuable contact information delivered immediately in an easy-to-access format offers tremendous benefits that email just cannot provide.

Final Thoughts

Good marketing strategies in today’s competitive world are essential to success. SMS Marketing is a great tool for businesses as it can help build customer relationships and strengthen brand loyalty among your audience. 

I hope you have enjoyed reading this blog post about what SMS marketing is, how it works, and the benefits of using it.  Now that you know everything there is to know, it should be easy for you to get started!

If you are still curious or want to learn more about how to utilize SMS marketing for your business please reach out for a free consultation on SMS marketing with me using the link below.

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