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Sqribble Review: Is This eBook Creator Software Any Good?

by Herm6nn
Sqribble Review

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In this Sqribble review, I will be going over the new Sqribble eBook builder software which is a brand new cloud-based tool used to create eBooks, reports, whitepapers or other digitally formatted digital books on the fly, quickly and easily.

I am going to cover what it does, who it’s for, how much it’s costing, what the upsells are, and the advantages and drawbacks of this new tool, so you can make a more educated decision before buying and whether or not it’s right for you.

What Is an Ebook Creator?

As the word suggests, an ebook creator is a program that assists in the creation of an ebook. It provides guidelines on the layout and binding of all your books. It is a good way to enhance the formal presentation of your book.

What Is Sqribble? (Sqribble Review VIDEO Included)

In the form of white papers, eBooks and reports, people who are involved in marketing tend to spend a lot of time creating marketing materials to add power to their marketing sales pitches.

And even though the market has a lot of resources that allow you to build eBooks, many of them appear with crappy, buggy, and unreliable templates. The app helps to develop an eBook in just a few minutes, allowing the Sqribble eBook creator stand apart from other softwares in the industry.

It is essentially a cloud-based program that comes equipped with a lot of inbuilt professional templates alongside nice and attractive covers to bring your eBooks that professional appeal, as I already stated in this Sqribble review.

And the most essential feature of Sqribble apps is that it’s incredibly fast and quick to create an eBook and you don’t need any tech skills to use the Sqribble eBook creator app to create eBooks.

And another factor that any marketer would love is the fact that the Sqribble app arrives packed with a lot of important and effective features which would save marketing professionals lots of time and effort.

I never saw so many functions that you will find in this one tool such as automatic pagination, automatic table of content, automatic headers and footers, an easy-to-use drag-and-drop gui, more than 300 fonts to choose from, and much more in an eBook developer tool. Please continue reading my Sqribble review to gather more data about the Sqribble app, its features, and more.

Why Does this matter?

It’s about standing out of the crowd and grabbing attention. That’s an effective way to engage your readers better. They are more likely to get a lot of value from your content if they can enjoy the experience when reading your book (‘flipping’ the pages) and continue to read until the end of your call to action! One amazing thing about flip books is that you would be able to embed them on the website after their publication. Awesome!

The Story Behind Sqribble

Adeel Chowdhry, who is a well-established internet marketer and best seller with more than ten years of experience, has created Sqribble and has previously produced other famous products such as Pixel Studio FX that sold tens of thousands of units worldwide.

Features Of Sqribble

Sqribble features

Sqribble instantly caught my interest, unlike other eBook developers, because it has some very useful features I have not seen anywhere else. When doing the Sqribble review, I’ve found that Sqribble is filled with impressive features, such as the following features and more:

Automatic Content Generation

If the block of a writer has hit you hard, or if you’re not interested in writing content. Then, to your rescue, Sqribble’s content writing service will come. This genius tool will supply material from their article database. It can also pull content from any user-provided connection or document. You don’t have to spend massive sums of money anymore on hiring a writer to work for you.

Stunning Templates

With 50 stunning designs, spanning 15 niches, Sqribble comes armed. It ensures that, regardless of the subject you are working on, you have a template choice. These distinctive, eye-grabbing blueprints will allow your job to stand out. It will help you to keep your audience hooked to your content. To use these models, you don’t need any extra tools like Photoshop either.

Simple To Use

In a user-friendly interface, Sqribble offers all amazing tools and functionality for customers. Therefore, it means that even beginners can quickly and conveniently use the app. Its activity does not entail any previous expert expertise on the part of the user.

Suave Automated Formatting

Sqribble gives your job a professional and high-quality feel. During my Sqribble review, I found that it does so with its incredible format and designs. All elements will be organized, starting from the content table to the headers and page numbers. Then, you can add changes or make changes to suit your needs. So, you can have a formatted ebook with you in a matter of seconds.


Sqribble’s best quality is that it offers all its amazing services at an affordable price. Now, their wishes to publish an ebook can be fulfilled by up and coming writers and bloggers. They don’t need huge amounts of money and energy to fish out. With a simple press, all they need to do is download Sqribble.

Here’s what else Sqribble can do:

  • Create automatic footers and headers
  • Manually add content
  • Ability to add or delete pages
  • It has a simple drag and drop design
  • Containing 50 eBook templates which cover over 15 different niches
  • Automatic pagination
  • Import content from a URL
  • Add your own media
  • 10 different themes for eBooks (with a 1-click to change the color schemes option)
  • Create automatic table of contents
  • Holds over 300+ Google Fonts in their database

This platform has tons of features packed into it, making it one of the best creators of eBooks I’ve seen, but there are still a few downsides which I am going to cover later in this review.

Who Is Sqribble For?

A computer screen showing different sets of ebooks that can be built on sqribble.

For independent internet marketers, freelancers, small business owners  and small marketing companies who would like to create and sell eBooks, create lead magnets, publish their books on Kindle, or publish whitepapers, Sqribble is most suitable.

If you are also looking to generate additional sales, you will be pleased to know that a commercial agency license to use Sqribble for customer work is also included, providing eBook development services, with the opportunity to produce unlimited eBooks that you can sell and retain all the profits!

They also provide you with a ready-made agency website with a pre-filled portfolio which you can upload for instant authority to any domain, so you can show it to any potential prospective customers to get work. (This will cost you at least $600 for specialist websites alone, so it’s very good value.)

An in-built “Client feedback tool” is also included to communicate more effectively with clients on eBook projects (I love this feature).

Sqribble Review – Pros and Cons

With a lot of pros and cons, the Sqribble comes with a lot. Users can design an ebook for marketing easily because of countless helpful features. Now, let’s know the major pros and cons of the maker of Sqribble’s ebook.


Below are the big pros of the Sqribble eBook Builder, as per the feedback of many users and tests conducted by me.

  • A legal way to produce professional ebooks is to create Sqribble. Within minutes, these ebooks can be used for online and digital marketing. Aside from that, without typing any words, you can build several reports and ebooks.
  • The ebook developers of Sqribble do not need installation and are compatible with all computers. The gui is user friendly, and it’s pretty easy to use this app.
  • You get the same ebook or reports with simple and point apps. The findings would certainly satisfy your requirements. Above all, within seconds, you can customize your ebook and reports.
  • The SQribble ebook creator has a wide variety of common categories when it comes to designs. 50 different templates are available. You’ll also be able to easily customize the book templates. In simpler words, according to your chosen niche, you will be able to select your ideal template.
  • Sqribble has an automated content engine which makes it possible for you to miss writing something. As for your niche, the automated content engine produces the right headlines and bullets.
  • Sqribble is a one-stop website where services can be promoted as well. With a commercial license, you can sell your designs and models. Above all, there’s no need for you to share your earnings with Sqribble. 


Whilst doing the Sqribble review, I’ve found some pain points of this product. However, I’ve only found that there are a few elements of Sqribble that I don’t really like. Many of these are based on my own tastes and experiences, so take them with a grain of salt, using more sophisticated design tools.

  • A few of my favorite features behind upsells are locked (Flipbook feature and 3D Covers)
  • You will need to reference the URL source and/or credit the original author of the content when adding content from a URL, if it’s not content owned by you (this is not necessarily Sqribble’s fault- it’s just the law of the land.)

Sqribble Pricing

Sqribble pricing

The company is currently running a sale where you can get Sqribble for only $67 (normally $197) for a steep discount.

For most individuals, the base version is enough. Some premium models and add-ons are also available that you can purchase later if you are interested.

Sqribble Upsells and My SPECIAL BONUSES

Yeah, there are 4 upsells now. You really do not need to use Sqribble with all of them, but they could come in handy depending on the circumstances and usage.

Here’s what they are:

Sqribble Professional

Sqribble Professional Bonus

Unlock 150 more advanced eBook templates for all sorts of niches (the best ones remain in the professional version), graphics and much more ready-made content. This is perfect for those who like more variety, content and prefer heavy usage.

Sqribble Prime

Sqribble Prime Bonus

Get 15 “limited edition” exclusive new eBook templates added each month to your Sqribble dashboard. Over time, this will improve your library and make you shine out from other users. For a template, it works out to under two bucks! Good for moderate consumers. (Way cheaper than the ones in stock sites.)

Sqribble Fantasia 3D

Sqribble Fantasia 3D Bonus

This includes 2-in-1 features, and is one of my favorite features that I discovered in midst of doing the Sqribble review.

1.) Unlocks a tool for 3D cover development inside your dashboard, enabling you to transform “flat” covers into 3d covers that are lifelike. Great for getting more attention and making your books look and sound more “real.” By its cover, people judge a book, so something to keep in mind.

2.) Create “Flip Books” that convert your eBooks to pages which are animated and interactive, like in real life. They can also be connected to, as well as embedded throughout, web pages with just a single piece of code.That’s cool, really.

Auto Job Finder Software

Sqribble Auto Job Finder Software bonus

If you are going to use Sqribble as a tool to get paid to build eBooks, then Auto Work Finder is what you need. It will automatically find and alert you of similar jobs on different freelance websites so that you can accomplish them. A tremendous time saver and a money earner.

My Special EXCLUSIVE #1 Bonus Facebook Ads Secrets

Facebook Ads Secrets Bonus for getting sqribble through my affiliate link.

Facebook ads are a perfect way for the company to be advertised. It’s relatively cheap and the tech behind it is very effective.

This training offers you a step-by-step walk-through of the numerous ad opportunities on the Facebook ad platform currently available. You can claim this exclusive bonus from me when you buy through my page.  Just contact me with the receipt and I’ll send it to you.

Frequently Asked Questions About Sqribble

How Many Templates Do I Get?

You get immediate access to 50 stunning templates spread over 15 different common categories of niches to be used immediately!

There Are 50 Templates. Does That Mean That They’ve All Been Used by Now?

You might think so, however the templates are according to niches and many individuals are not going to use what they buy, so you can modify the templates according to your requirements.

Are Software Updates Included?

YES! With all the new updates and fixes, they constantly upgrade their apps. Updates are automatic and at no added charge to you.

Is This Easy To Use And Is Training Included?

Completely! I considered Sqribble to be really user friendly. Simply click, design and post! They also have directions that are simple to follow and helpful instructional videos that are available after you buy them.

Does It Work On A PC And Mac?

Yeah, it really works on any computer that is able to access the internet. It can also work on various operating systems, and platforms including standard laptops, tablets and mobiles! I recommend using SQribble on a desktop computer or a laptop for the best experience.

Can I Sell The Ebooks I Create With Sqribble?

Yeah, a license from a commercial agency that allows you to market the ebooks you produce to consumers is included! They’re never going to bill you for royalties. To help you advertise your services, you also get a FREE agency website. With only one customer, you will return your investment!

Do I Need To Install Anything On My Computer?

No. It’s not necessary! Sqribble is a 100 percent cloud-based application. During my Sqribble review, I’ve found that you can access the online software anywhere and through any device (I tried it across several devices which provided a seamless integration). The only thing you need is an internet connection.

Is There A Monthly Fee To Use Sqribble?

No! The whole deal for Sqribble is a single time payment. No monthly or annual subscription charge. However, in the future they plan to start charging a monthly fee, so order today to receive the cheap single time price.

How Many Ebooks Can I Create?

You can create as many ebooks as you want! You can make ebooks much faster by using their content builder tools.

What File Types Does It Export?

Currently, the software Sqribble enables file exports in PDF format. New features are bound to be added soon. Feel free to ask Sqribble support for what styles you would like.

Can I Upload My Own Images?

Of course. You get 100MB of Internet disk space to upload your images as many times as you desire. They have included thousands of photographs, icons and backdrops so you can use these images for free.

Is This Available for Free Trial? 

Because Sqribble provides no free trial or free download, you will need to pay for the service.

Can I Sell My Ebook on Amazon Kindle Store? 

Yes, you can sell it wherever you want.

Everything Looks Good, What Shall I Do Next? 

It would be better if you buy this software before the cost increases.

Sqribble Review: Final Thoughts

In the past, there were many eBook creator tools, but I haven’t seen any that make the whole process as smooth and fast as Sqribble. I’ve found it to be surprisingly glitch-free and packed with a lot of cool features.

The templates look very nice, the layouts are very professional and the fact that you can add content automatically makes this a must for anyone who is tired of wasting hours toiling over writing content, book design and working on formatting.

The commercial license that is included is the icing on the cake. Usually, suppliers charge extra for this, so it’s a huge bonus with added value. Just over delivery is the additional done-for-you agency website provided.

I hope this Sqribble review, provided some insights which can help you decide whether or not should you get this software. If you are planning in the near future to build eBooks, reports or Kindle books, you owe it to your sanity and yourself to pick this up as it is a tool you could certainly benefit from in your business.

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