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Tai Lopez 67 Steps Program (REVIEW): Worth The Money Or Not?

by Herm6nn
Tai Lopez 67 Steps Program Review

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In this review I’m going to take a deeper look at The 67 Steps program and that’s something Tai Lopez has put together. He also states that it will help you get everything you want out of life in wealth, health, happiness and love.

He also believes that the 67 steps were exactly the same steps that allowed him to go from staying broke to creating numerous massively successful companies, which later allowed him to buy a Lamborghini.

The program has become extremely popular including over 200,000 members to date, but is it really legitimate or is The 67 Steps a scam that will only leave you with a thin wallet and in no better place than when you started?

That’s exactly what I’m going to figure out right here in this 67 Steps overview where I’m going to uncover all you need to understand about the program, including what it’s all about how it works and whether or not it can actually motivate you to succeed – so if you’ve been thinking about signing up, you can be assured you’ve arrived in the best place to find out all you need to know.

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Table of Contents

Who Is Tai Lopez And What Does He Do?

Tai Lopez is a popular social media marketer having almost nearly 3 million Instagram followers, over 6 million Facebook fans, 1 million YouTube subscribers, and over 1 million Twitter followers.

He offers business advice and training on social media advertising, real estate, credit repair, Amazon sales, and more. He has a book shipping club, Mentor Box, which is the world’s biggest. Tai Lopez is now an investor and adviser for more than $20 million worth of businesses.

Tai Lopez went from $47 to his bank account and slept on his mother’s sofa in a motorhome in North Carolina, to owning a Lamborghini Aventador and staying in an expensive mansion in Beverly Hills.

Despite never having a male role model in his life and being raised in a poor neighborhood in California, it did not stop him from being the best version of himself.

Tai traveled to over 30 countries, developed a million dollar company, and interviewed some of the smartest people alive – like Arnold Schwarzenegger, Kobe Bryant, Chris Paul, Caron Butler, Rihanna, Jordan Belfort, Mark Cuban, Steven Spielberg and more.

Like Steve Jobs and Richard Branson, Tai Lopez has no degree or PhD. He’s learned how to make money, keys to a good life, health and love from his mentors, and owns several 7- and 8-figure companies with PhD and university graduates employed in his company.

Tai also runs the world’s largest online non-fiction book club, and his TEDx talk has 5 million views.

For several years, Tai Lopez has guided thousands of people on how to succeed in life. He has helped people to make more money through his 67 Steps mentorship program.

What is The “67 Steps” Program?

In a nutshell, it’s an online education course that shows people the stuff they should have been told about in school—health, money, passion, and happiness—but they weren’t, and so they wish they’d been.

Each of the 67 steps includes numerous lessons learned from Tai’s many mentors over the years, the hundreds of books he’s read, and personal insights he’s gained from creating his many successful business projects.

When you engage in the 67 Steps, you save a lot of years (possibly decades) of lost time trying to sort out all on your own.

Since this curriculum was first published, the lessons revealed have changed countless lives worldwide.

This is the closest thing I’ve ever seen for a step-by-step guide on how to be successful!

Generally speaking, the overall curriculum is basically a no-nonsense outlook on life that helps you acquire the mental and emotional support required to excel in everything you do and start living the best life for you.

Tai argues that the program will help you to get literally everything you want from life in the forms of health, prosperity, love and happiness – he says the 67 Steps essentially share the secret of what he calls “the good life.”

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Advantages & Disadvantages Of Tai Lopez 67 Steps Program:

With every information product out there, there are certain advantages and disadvantages to each. Let’s take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of Tai Lopez 67 Steps Mentorship Program.


The Pricing 

The 67 Steps Curriculum costs $67, and is made up of what this name indicates: 67 Video lessons. Each clip is 30-60 minutes long, addressing one or two main concepts. I’ve heard some people say that Tai Lopez speaks too much regarding the same thing and that a 5-10-minute video can easily summarize each segment.

Watching the entire video is important as the more examples you hear, the more often the main point is reiterated, the better you understand it. You pay just $1 per video—or if you think about it—the real investment is only $0.10 per ten minutes of experience!

Exposure To Many New Thinkers, Ideas and Books

Although that’s an understatement, he’s obviously quite well educated. Even so, his brain is full of ideas and observations from some of the world’s most influential and fascinating individuals ever known.

Throughout The 67 Steps, Tai shares all the knowledge and experience in a rapid-fire fashion. It’s not rare for him to start talking about Bill Gates or Warren Buffett, and to quote a mid – nineteenth century Native American or an old Amish farmer two minutes later.

The amount of knowledge Tai shares and the dispersed way he shares it can often be daunting, but the advantage is that in rapid succession you are exposed to several different ideas and perspectives, some of which will certainly strike you as deep and worth investigating further.

Prompts Which Appear After Each Lesson

I appreciated that below every video inside the course there were questions which needed to be answered by the viewer in order to highlight the lesson as completed. Such questions help you think about the lesson and solidify some takeaways. And they get posted further down the list, available to other users, once you send your responses. There’s nothing to deter you from submitting gibberish, since no moderation appears to be happening.

Daily Accountability E-Mails

Every day, Tai emailed me to let me know that the next step of the 67 steps was unlocked. I unsubscribed because I’ve been watching the steps already, but it’s another perfect way of reminding you that you do have work to do and stick to it!

Accountability Worksheet + Download Option + Questions

Another great benefit of Tai’s 67 Steps Program would be that the audio copy of each step can be downloaded and listened to wherever you are.

So, even if you’re not linked to the Internet, you will have offline access to the 67 Steps. Let’s presume you’re at the gym, biking or travelling to work. Only download the audio version, and anytime you want you can start listening to it from your computer.

What’s more, the move comes with a worksheet for transparency as well as some questions that you’ll have to address. This not only holds you responsible for completing the curriculum, but also encourages you to grasp the concepts better (repetition= learning).


Some Of The Same Lessons Can Be Found For Free

If you’re a frequent listener to Tai’s podcast, or a frequent viewer of his videos on YouTube, there’s very little new to you in The 67 Steps. Which on the course itself would not be a blow, except that I felt the 67 Steps to be still useful.

Continuous Upsells

Be forewarned that if you wish to purchase The 67 Steps immediately after submitting your payment information, you will be treated to numerous upsell deals, and daily encouragement to join Tai’s other programs. Of course, upselling deals are not unusual right after a purchase, and if that was the scope of the upselling, I would not have thought to discuss it here.

Tai is certain to incorporate his other programs into the 67 Steps regularly, however, allowing yourself to join them is completely up to you if you want to go deeper.

Only Video and Audio

Given that Tai is mainly known for audio-visual content, I did not expect to see a complete fully written transcript of the material discussed in each video.

But this would have even been better to see, below each video, at least a few bullets, summarizing each of the key points while connecting them to relevant resources and information.

As it is, the content of each lesson is generally a mystery, especially given the propensity of Tai to choose clever-rather-than-clear names.

So if you ever intend to go back to a particular story or book recommendation, you’ll have your job cut out because you’ll actually have to replay some of the videos to find it.

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My 9 Key Takeaways From The 67 Steps Program:

You enter a state of eudaimonia by balancing your wellbeing, your income and your social life. Which is a fancy term for “excellent quality of life,” or The Good Life,” as Tai calls it.

With individual anecdotes from his life or viewpoints he picked up while reading books, Tai illustrates each subject. Here are among the most valuable lessons from the course I’ve taken and how it can benefit you as well. Do remember that these are my own insights on this and it is always possible to draw different conclusions.

3. Defining Your End Game

In order to see what you really want out of life, Tai suggests doing the funeral test”. Imagine your funeral and ask yourself what people would want you to tell about yourself and your life. What have you left behind? How are people going to remember you?

Take a look at your role models and the lives they have created for themselves and ask if you want to be in their shoes. Most individuals wander aimlessly because the outcomes they are looking for have never really been analyzed.

Without this, it is far too easy to get swept up in someone else’s plans.

4. Adopting The Investor Mentality

It’s not enough to just make money, it has to be kept and extended into greater amounts. Adopt the “investor mindset” and start investing money on items that over time will earn you a return on profit.

As Tai says, most people buy items that rust, rot or depreciate; new furniture, new technological devices, luxury cars that they can not afford, and so on. This is consumption, not investment.

See your dollars as little seeds that you plant to build a better future and expand it.

In terms of spending, many people are wasteful. Not only cash, but time, energy and health as well. Instead of only taking into account the price, he suggests estimating the actual cost of something.

3. Being Prepared

The combined product of our intelligence and our ignorance is our existence. We accomplish what we deeply understand, but neglect what we are naive about.

Ask yourself about how many “tools” you have to solve your issues in your tool-belt. Are you sufficiently well-rounded?

4. Mastering The Mindset

Our brain is poorly adapted to the times in which we live. It is a human desire to step away from discomfort and into enjoyment. Although our “newer” neocortex makes better long-term decisions, our limbic system is still oriented to quick gratification based on instinct.

All of them produce highs of dopamine (pleasure hormone) to which you become addicted.

But these behaviors are not healthy for us in the long run, as many studies have shown time and time again. Over-indulgence in our modern society has contributed to many of the recent issues.

View your brain as a split entity: one is your instinctual drive for immediate gratification-the aspect that keeps you back. The other is the “true you” (e.g. your neocortex) that makes smart decisions.

5. Harnessing Inner Strength

Tai encourages others to take on a more stoic outlook on life. In other words, you need to “sacrifice today for a better tomorrow.” From the ages of 7 to 21, Spartans used to go through the preceding years practicing stealth, cunning, combat abilities and mental endurance. Only nowadays? Nothing like that happens.

Nowadays we suffer from a lack of role models, diet-inducing estrogen, misinformation from the media, too much warmth and more things that make us a shade of our former self. It’s not just about what you do that matters, but about the mental toughness that causes discomfort.

6. Self Education

Tai advises learning about other people’s mistakes, rather than depending on your own. It takes time and resources for trial and error – repeated errors can even be catastrophic. Simulations (drawn from books) are both safer and more rapid.

How though?

Start learning from books!

This is priceless. School has conditioned us that studying is dull and unrewarding but that’s just not true.

In our new information culture, being a single specialist – let alone a generalist – is no longer enough.

Tai suggests that anyone become a “renaissance-man” or polymath. Get to be highly specialized in one specific area and establish depth of level of discussion in all other subjects. Make yourself so good at a particular field that they cannot overlook you.

This will allow you to stir and mix more ideas in your mind that will merge together to form excellent opportunities. Tai recommends music, science, language, history and culture (poetry, arts and literature). 

7. Escaping The 9-5 Mindset

We have been conditioned to feel powerless and dependent upon others all our lives. We have become “learned helpless” by being continuously supplied by our education, our parents and later our stable income jobs, meaning we have hardwired our brain to require a steady/regular income.

Just get away from this. It’s about learning to stop  Stop being paid for the time you spend in a certain spot, but to get paid for results, start wiring your brain.

By constantly finding new opportunities that you can turn into a profit, it will make you accountable for your own financial support. You become blind to new possibilities if you’ve hardwired your brain into this salary-slave-mentality.

8. Ignoring The 99%

The perceptions of most individuals are purely reflections of social prejudice. Before taking advice, look for reference and signs of expertise. Pick the individuals to whom you listen carefully.

Many individuals believe they know what they’re talking about but they rarely do, including me. Go right to the source of the individuals who can inform you and strip out the middleman.

This is a Major reason why I enjoy books so much. By following their thought habits, it helps us to learn from the best and mimic their relative achievements.

9. Become Adaptable

This phase is based on the theory of evolution that states that the one who will survive is the one who is better suited to his climate. The “good life” should not go to individuals who do not note the “change of seasons.”

In a dynamic world, an individual with static abilities can never succeed. Look for improvements & patterns and use them to your benefit. In a long-term basis, make decisions.

Be conscious of your present behavior and surroundings. Check your behaviors and see if an ESS (Evolutionary Stable Strategy) is the way you live, which means you are quantifying your choices based on long-term thought. Subscribe to numerous websites that keep you aware of events that can affect your life.


How Much Does The Tai Lopez 67 Steps Program Cost?

At different price points and with various conditions based on how or when you order, you can get The 67 Steps.

$37 For The Lifetime Access

Immediately after I left our cart on the regular deal, I was offered a $30 discount via email. To get the discount, you have to click the connection in the email. Again you are automatically registered in a free VIP membership trial with this option and must contact the support in order to cancel the trial.

Initial 3 Days Free, Then $9.99 Per Month

Just pick the second choice on the same sales page as the previous one. VIP membership here also tends to be in there at no extra cost.

$67 Lor Lifetime Access

If you go through the key links to buy the course on Tai’s website, the standard deal is. Note that you are automatically entered in a free VIP membership trial with this option and must contact help to cancel the trial.

Initial 3 Days Free, Then $67 Per Year

As far as I can say, this also includes the VIP Membership at no additional cost.

Some Important Things To Note Before Getting The 67 Steps Program

Not all the course materials are instantly available. You will have access to all the bonus materials when you first register, but only the first 3 of the 67 Steps. Each day, one extra move is unlocked. You should however, contact help and they will have no trouble unlocking all the steps for you.

The only way to cancel The 67 Steps’ free trial is to contact their support team and ask them to do it for you. And via live chat, which is also the simplest way to contact the support team on Tai Lopez’s site.

You could be automatically registered in a free trial of Tai’s ‘VIP Membership’ program regarding how you purchase The 67 Steps. This provides you with access every month to two live community calls, plus an archive of past calls. That free trial lasts for 15-30 days, after which you will be paying monthly for continued access by reading the small print at checkout. You must contact help again to cancel the monthly fee.

There is a 30-day refund policy that seems to work fine as long as you request it via the live chat, often described as 60 days; be sure to review the deal before you buy. Be mindful, however that downloading the course material forfeits the right to apply for a refund.

Most Frequently Asked Questions:

What is Tai Lopez’s net worth?

Although it is difficult to reliably calculate the exact net worth of a person until you actually receive that person’s records, some sources estimate the net worth of Tai Lopez to be over $50 million.

Is There A Refund Policy For This Course?

Yes, a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee comes along with the order.

What Benefit Will I Get From Purchasing This Course?

Since we were children, culture has set a mentality that says you would be good if you obey it. You learn later on in life that it doesn’t work and places you in a depressing struggle to the top. He breaks you out of this wrongful mentality in this course and shows you the mindset of the successful and how to be successful in all 4 pillars of health, prosperity, love and happiness and live a happy life.

Where Can I Officially Purchase The 67 Steps From Online?

Go to Tai’s official website. From there click on ‘courses’ and you will find the 67 steps listed there.

What is IN the 67 Steps Program?

  • 67 Videos that run from 30 minutes to 1 hour.
  • A series of insights and techniques from history’s most influential individuals.
  • The mentality that is taught to us, and how to get rid of it are detailed examples of how the world is.
  • Skills in life, like how to read a book a day.
  • How to quickly create a profitable company.
  • How to communicate with individuals.

What is Tai Lopez Known For?

He rose from his Youtube advertisements to fame. With just 1 ad sitting at 69 Million Views at the moment. He is now known to many people as an entrepreneur, an investor, and a mentor.

Can I get in contact with Tai Lopez?

Great ways to get in touch with Tai are attending his live workshops or private seminars & dinners. You can also contact him at tai@tailopez.com He doesn’t always respond, but from time to time, he checks his emails.

Is the 67 Steps a book?

No, it is an online system of education with 67 video lessons.

How do I gain access to the Facebook group?

After signing up, you can join their private Facebook community if you are in Tai’s 67 Steps program. You will get an email with the link from Tai once you enroll.

How do I cancel my VIP subscription?

By visiting the support page on their site, you can deactivate your VIP Daily Lifestyle Training Program.

You can only terminate the VIP monthly subscription, NOT the 67 Steps, by using the Support tab. To bring this into action, please be informed that you will need to log in to your online account.

You will still have lifetime access to the 67 Steps after you cancel. The VIP Daily Lifestyle Training Program can be reactivated at any time if you wish. Their aim is to keep you learning to the maximum degree possible.

How Can I Promote Tai Lopez 67 Steps Program or Become His Affiliate?

First of all in order to be able to endorse Tai Lopez programs and thus become an affiliate, you need to partner with him by entering his Cashflow System. You would be able to promote several of his successful programmes, such as the 67 Steps Program, after joining his Cashflow System.

Best Alternatives To Tai Lopez’s 67 Steps Program That Could Make You A Lot Of Money:

Legendary Marketer Training Course: Legendary Marketer is a robust online marketer training curriculum consisting of a range of low, medium and high ticket products. It’s the creation of David Sharpe, who made over 200 million dollars through digital sales in his career. Check out my legendary marketer review here.

Builderall:  Get all the resources you need in addition to accessing thousands of digital marketing funnels at a fraction of the price. And it comes with its own course library to show you what you need to know about their marketing and automation software. Read my full analysis of Builderall here.

Marketing Boost: You already have a business? But you want to retain existing customers and get new ones. Well Marketing Boost (Previously known as advertising boost) can help with that. It is an incentive program that you can subscribe to and offer your customer vacation incentives to promote your business. Read my full review here.

Epic Trading:  Interested in Forex Trading? Epic Trading is an international forex signal training business that offers a range of educational opportunities, providing an atmosphere for people of all backgrounds to learn life-long skills while still following their financial aspirations and goals. Read my full review here.

Final Thoughts On The 67 Steps Program: Is It Worth It?

If you believe that these 67 steps are only going to make you rich magically, then don’t buy them. Really don’t buy anything, because nothing can make you wealthy only magically.

You’ve got to put the effort in. However if you are able to do this, I highly suggest you buy the 67 Steps of Tai Lopez and take notes. Watch one of the steps and do the interactive questions every day.

What you bring INTO it, you can get OUT of it. Perhaps 70 hours of video and audio footage are included in Tai’s curriculum, which he builds on these concepts of success. Considering that the entire program is worth only a month for Starbucks, this is an Amazing deal.

I encourage you to check out his program if you’re struggling to make money, get in shape or find happiness in life. There’s guidance in it that relates to All, from wellbeing to income to happiness to love. Check it out, commit to learning and developing, and live a better life than you’ve ever imagined.

Overall, I am leaving a good review of the 67-step program and of Tai Lopez himself. His products and personality are not for everyone (as it should be), but I would suggest that his training will probably help the vast majority of people. I sincerely believe the 67 Steps will change your life for the better, and the man behind the scenes will do the same.

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