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Tesla Referral Program: Everything You Need To Know For 2021

by Herm6nn
illustration: Tesla Referral Program

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Are you considering buying a new Model S, Model X, Model 3, or Model Y? From now on, if you use a valid referral code when purchasing your first Tesla, you’ll be able to take advantage of the Tesla referral program that provides free Supercharging for the first 1,500 KM.

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A controversy has broken out in the automotive industry. When the US recovers from the lockdowns of coronavirus, consumers are likely to resist mass transit, instead preferring vehicles.

Yet with gas prices lower than in years, the question is: do they go for conventional cars or take the plunge on electric vehicles? Because no one can be sure, however, the landscape prefers the gas-burners; there are more of them waiting to be sold around, and many sweet deals are likely to be offered by the dealers and manufacturers.

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Introducing The Tesla Referral Program

 The Tesla referral program allows existing Tesla owners to share their referral code as long as they own the car, offering potential customers free Supercharging for its first 1,500 kM. Check out all the advantages of this fantastic referral plan below.

Each Tesla owner receives a unique referral code which they can pass on to new buyers to confirm the new customer was referred. In return, Tesla gives 1,000 free miles of charging to both the existing customers and the new customers on Tesla’s supercharging network.

Through the years, the referral program has changed many times, and once it was possible to win a free Tesla by referring other people to it. That’s not what we ‘re here today to discuss, though, and we could do a whole post on just how the referral system has changed over the years. We’ll look at how supercharger miles will expire if they aren’t used.

What Is The Tesla Referral Like Now?

Only with the purchase of a new Tesla car — designed to be among the best cars on the road, you or anyone using your referral link will gain 1,500 free kilometers from Supercharger. Also, every car referral allows you to win a Roadster or Model Y supercar, quarterly.

Model S

Tesla Model S

First launched in 2012, the Model S helped as an automaker to bring Tesla on the map. Since its release, Tesla has continued to update the Model S, and the latest Model has two different versions: the Performance and the Long Range Plus, with the Standard, dropped recently. The Model S is very much an executive saloon, also in the Tesla referral program, with similar long and short style lines as you would find on a Jaguar.

While some earlier Model S editions offered rear-wheel drive, the latest Model S operates in all-wheel drive (AWD). The Performance is now available in two versions and has Ludicrous mode for that crazy acceleration. All offer Autopilot as standard-which includes a variety of self-driving assistance. But there ‘s the option for a complete self-driving upgrade, which adds some navigation to Autopilot, self-parking,  traffic light recognition, Smart Summon, and automated city street driving. Users will still need to be in charge of the vehicle at all times. Remember, the latest Model is called the Long Range Plus in some regions, and in others, it’s simply called the Long Range.

Model X

Tesla Model X

Tesla’s Model X is a response to the electric car by the soccer mom or dad. It’s an EV-style SUV that can seat seven people, but owes much of its design to the Model S, particularly with that interior design. The best part is that you can get 1,500 free Supercharger Kilometres, whenever you buy it through the Tesla referral program.

It features unique rear Falcon Wing doors (think of the Delorean in the film Back to the Future) that, together with the massive touch screen inside, make all your kids think you’ve bought a new car from the future. There are two versions, but three different types of seats, with extra costs depending on your seat size.

Just like with the Tesla Model S, there are several different models of the Model X as Tesla has reconfigured the name of the product, with a 75D being Long Range, as well as the 100D and P100D falling into the Performance line.

Model 3

Tesla Model 3

The Tesla Model 3 is a four-door electric sedan. Model 3 also became Europe’s top-selling plug-in vehicle in 2019.

Model 3 launched as the cheaper alternative to the Model S in the US in 2016, with prices now falling to make it the most cheaper Tesla. Along with the free 1,500 KM Supercharger miles offered from the Tesla referral, it should give you a decent starting point. It is available in the UK and Europe, too. The company decided to launch this model with a range of options, but that has been refined to just three that are available at present. Ranges are based on composite numbers.

Model Y

2020 Tesla Model Y

The Tesla Model Y can act as a compact SUV, filling the space between Model 3 and Model X. It will seat seven (an option of $3,000), offer plenty of room, but cater to those who are looking for something a little more accessible.

The compact SUV segment is currently the largest selling and is not overly crowded with electric vehicles, so it’s a key Tesla target. Tesla originally indicated that there would be four versions available but currently only offers two variants, currently available only in the US.

It is believed that this will be launched with a new Tesla referral program in 2021. The car is unlikely to enter the United Kingdom or Europe until about 2022, although this is yet to be verified.

Final Thoughts On Tesla Referral System

So why would one person buy a Tesla for over $50,000 +? I encourage people to pick a Tesla for their next car. This is because I want them to experience the same feeling of excitement that I always get as I drive it to this day plus you get the free 1,500 Supercharger KM. It’s the joy of the instant torque, the machines, the Autopilot, the engineering, the creativity, and just Tesla ‘s overall progressiveness.

More Teslas is a hint to a better future on the route. I am proud to back Tesla, one of the world’s most innovative businesses.

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