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Tesla Solar Roof Review: Is It Worth Your Money?

by Herm6nn
Tesla Solar Roof Review

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If you have found it difficult to keep up-to-date on Tesla Motors and SolarCity’s future in recent months, you ‘re not alone. Numerous industries worldwide (solar, electric vehicles, and ride – sharing, to name a few) are beginning to feel the weight of a merger that could significantly alter manufacturer and executive growth plans worldwide. Now the idea of an integrated solar glass shingle — the Tesla Solar Roof — is taking everything by storm. In this Tesla Solar Roof review we go in-depth into why this technology is such a game changer.

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Tesla Solar Roof Review: What Makes Tesla Panels Unique?

We’ve heard of Tesla’s plans to incorporate complete renewable energy, a one-step carbon reduction cycle involving  the combination of solar panels with your owned Tesla electric vehicle. We saw the potential of PV roof installation and Tesla’s future with their highly awaited Solar Roof panels. One thing is most certain: built in photovoltaics (BIPV) would be a major part of Tesla’s future.

Tesla and SpaceX CEO, and Solar City Chairman, Elon Musk, Sun Valley Idaho, Allen & Company Conference, July 2015
Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla

Solar panels are housed in a dedicated frame, which is then connected to a roof or mounted somewhere else on your property. Tesla’s Solar Roof, by comparison, is a rooftop with solar panels directly embedded in shingles.

The solar array isn’t a different device mounted on your roof, it’s your roof.

Every shingle is a discrete plate. A proportion of the tiles are solar-enabled, while the remainder are “decoy panels.” Non-enabled tiles look exactly the same to preserve uniform aesthetics. Customers will decide the percentage of panels required to meet their energy needs.

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How Much Does It Cost To Have A Tesla Solar Roof?

Tesla solar roof prices come in cheaper than some had expected

Ultimately, the solar roof is a premium quartz commodity, nearly unbreakable. Although nationwide figures remain uncertain, Tesla said their roof would cost $21.85 per square foot. In other words, while doing the Tesla Solar Roof review, I’ve found that for a home requiring 2,000 square feet of roofing, the overall cost of a Tesla Solar Roof may be just under $44,000.

The basic explanation is that when calculating energy efficiency, the roof could be very pricey compared to other typical roof installation, but may be feasible in terms of long-term net profit.

Another deciding factor for a good roof product is quality. Musk addressed this briefly during the launch announcement as he explained that, in case of the photovoltaic shingle, the glass coating that protects the solar cell results in very limited decrease in performance.

But in the industry where a new milestone for photovoltaic production is announced almost each month and solar costs are closely connected to how good a solar panel produces energy, actual data about what this crystal shingle could do are critical.

Consider Getting A Tesla Solar Roof If You:

  • Like cutting-edge technology, and don’t mind joining the waitlist.
  • Have the financial resources to invest significantly in a new roof.
  • Live in a populated area with Tesla-certified installers.
  • Don’t mind maintaining your solar panels more frequently.

Get A Traditional Solar Array If You:

  • Need the most efficient product for your money’s worth.
  • Want to optimize your investment return.
  • Purchase is likely time-sensitive.
  • Want a reliable, well-tested product.
  • Are willing to trade aesthetics for functionality.

Costs Of Tesla Solar Roofs Vs Traditional Solar Panels? 

Despite US federal tax credit, a traditional 10kW system will cost an average $23,532. That’s $10,600 cheaper than Tesla’s solar roof. The Tesla solar roof, however, isn’t just a solar panel design- as it also requires getting a new roof. 

So, to get a better understanding of the solar roofs cost compared to solar panel’s cost, this Tesla Solar Roof review will compare the solar roofs cost per watt compared to the solar panels cost per watt.

In the US, solar average cost per watt is $3.18 per watt before federal tax credit. Solar shingles expense per watt until tax credit is $2.85. So, Tesla’s solar shingles are significantly cheaper than the regular solar panel.

But that doesn’t mean Tesla’s solar roof is the only way to go.

Will The Tesla Solar Roof Need A Powerwall Battery?

There is no need to install a Tesla Powerwall Battery alongside your Solar Roof. Energy storage will cost your solar installation thousands of dollars.

In many cases, the additional costs of a solar battery isn’t necessary. This is especially if you reside in a net metering area. But, if you are living somewhere prone to regular blackouts like California, pairing your solar roof alongside a Tesla battery may be advantageous.

Find out how much the Tesla Solar Roof will cost for your specific roof. Get a free estimate with local incentives. Click the link below:

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Tesla Solar Roof Review: Understanding The Pros And Cons

Tesla is a business with some mysticism around them — people get really excited with every announcement.

I wanted to go deep into the pros and cons of what I know regarding the Solar Roof to help you decide whether it’s a viable choice for your needs.


Durability & Warranty: Tesla roof tiles are made of more durable tempered glass than regular roof tiles. Tesla stands behind their product ‘s longevity with an infinite warranty (or house lifetime). We don’t know their full warranty info, but it’s a bold bid.

Design: The biggest distinction between solar panels and Solar Roof is architecture. Tesla provides four different styles; textured, smooth, tuscan, or slate-styled solar roof tiles. The tiles imitate the look of a typical roof, so your neighbors won’t know you have solar on your house (although many customers want to be solar trendsetters). To preserve your rooftop aesthetics, Solar Roof tiles are a great alternative to add solar energy to your house.


Unknown Maintenance Costs: Since Tesla’s roof tiles are a fairly new product, maintenance costs and procedures are unknown. For example, if you have a roof leak, how complex to fix? Can you call a roofer in your city, or will Tesla be the only company capable of repairing – and how much would that cost than normal roof repair? There’s also the issue of whether Tesla can offer unlimited maintenance warranty.Does the company provide assurance with  longevity and financial strength?

Cost: To mount Tesla’s Solar Roof, cover the whole roof – even though you don’t need a new roof right now. Which means you ‘re paying for both a solar panel and a new roof. 

What Type Of Roofing Materials Are Present In Tesla Solar Roof?

Tesla’s solar roof is very well designed. It’s built to be distinct from a roof of conventional materials. While doing the Tesla Solar Roof review and looking at Solar Roof images, I wouldn’t have thought that solar panels were built into this rooftop, until you pointed it out.

They ‘re made of textured glass tiles that look like terracotta, concrete, or wooden roof tiles. Under these glass covers, crystalline silicon solar cells are used to produce solar energy. You may opt to have untextured glass, they look just like solar cells.

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The new solar roof comes in four designs:  Smooth glass tile, textured glass tile,  slate glass tile, and tuscan glass tile.

Availability Of The Tesla Solar Roofs

But if you need a new roof, it is likely that the installation will still be open to you. If it stands, you’ll need the leeway to schedule the project well ahead, because people have been waiting for the Solar Roof for over a year.

Unless you’ve already planned to repair an old roof, you cannot have the time to wait to start. The need to patch leaks or structural damage is therefore too urgent to carry on the waitlist.

Similar issues occur with constructing a new home. If you’re dealing with a contractor, it’s probably on a tight schedule. Holding out for Tesla’s go-ahead could not work with permission, your contractor’s schedule, or your own transfer dates. After all, you can’t move into a roofless house because you’re waiting to call Tesla back.

As Solar Roof development ramps up, we expect the waiting list to clear, at which point these issues will vanish. Right now, Tesla has to clear its backlog of hopeful buyers, which can throw a wrench in your plans. In the next part of this Tesla Solar Roof review, we will see the importance of contracts and some things that you should know beforehand when deciding on getting a solar roof.

What You Should Do Before You Decide To Sign Up For A Tesla Solar Roof

Buying a Tesla Solar Roof is very close to building conventional roof solar. Starting with an initial phone consultation.

A Tesla Solar Roof’s look and feel is the same, regardless of whether the particular tiles themselves hold the photovoltaic cells. The quantity of tiles comprising photovoltaic cells in a Tesla Solar Roof could be fine-tuned to meet customer needs, up to the full roof capacity depending on height, shape, pitch, etc. We decided to mount the maximum number of photovoltaic tiles for our roof, translating to 10.59 kW.

Enhancing the new roof for scale allowed Tesla to manufacture many more Solar Roofs at a lower cost appealing to many more homeowners. The impressive thing is that Tesla was not only able to reduce the system expense, but also increased the time to install a system with the latest design. That means less damage to homeowners, and less money installing a device on the roof.

Finding The Right Contractor

Because Solar Roof is a fairly new product, it will be difficult to find a contractor capable of installation. Tesla is famously picky with whom they screen to work. Even if the Solar Roof is accessible in your state, the additional challenge remains to secure a certified installer.

The installation process has another big complication. People building the roof are different from people doing electrical work. Roofers aren’t usually electricians, and vice-versa. Solar Roof construction would require a highly advanced contractor.

Find out how much the Tesla Solar Roof will cost for your specific roof. Get a free estimate with local incentives. Click the link below:

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Final Thoughts: Is The Tesla Solar Roof Worth It?

After reading this Tesla Solar Roof review, by now you should get a basic idea that it is a stunning product with very high construction costs. Right now, it’s mainly a premium option for early adopters who don’t mind paying more to high-demand high-tech access. Anyone who spends in the Solar Roof also should be able to maintain it more frequently compared to a conventional solar array. 

Ultimately, you should be able to wait for production to meet demand. Also know you’ll be working on Tesla’s timetable, and they’re far happier building hype about new products than hitting production deadlines.

When you have your eyes set on a solar roof, do so for beauty rather than financial purposes. The Tesla solar roof isn’t a bad investment per se, it’ll take 5-6 years to pay for itself.Similarly with all Tesla products, Tesla Solar Roofs can be pricey, but for your money’s worth, you get the top quality.

Find out how much the Tesla Solar Roof will cost for your specific roof. Get a free estimate with local incentives. Click the link below:

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