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The Advantages and Disadvantages Of Social Networks

by Herm6nn
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A few decades ago, social media sites made their debuts. Back then, they were seen only as a cheap medium through which one could reconnect with old friends and keep in touch with family members who live in distant countries. It has emerged as one of the marketing media most popularly used by both large and small businesses in recent times. You’ll be surprised to learn that there are a few companies that only thrive because of social networking sites. The purpose of this short write-up is to brief you on the advantages and disadvantages of social networks especially in its business promotion relation.

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The Pros

Social networking offers an array of benefits for users. The first is the ability to connect with prospective customers and business partners who reside and operate in different countries around the world. Because of geographical barriers and time-induced limitations this was not possible earlier. The advent of the internet has now enabled like-minded individuals to conveniently connect with each other via social media.

While both advantages and disadvantages of social networks exist there are more pros than cons. The second advantage of social networking is its ability to transmit information in a matter of minutes, both private and personal. Its large fan base further adds benefits to its phenomenal speed. Social platforms like Facebook , Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest run into millions of members.

Not only that, when you give someone a letter, he or she passes it on to his friends and those friends pass it on to their friends in turn. You can reach out to more people this way, than you imagined. You do get a chance to express your word outside your target audience without spamming anyone.

While it is not a free tool, it certainly helps to cut long-term costs.

The Cons

No reason why you should not leverage social networking for your business is given by the above mentioned advantages. There’s also another side to social media, though, that every business owner should know about.

Messages are password-protected and sent via email. Interception chances exist but it is reduced to the minimum. You must safeguard your company and its sensitive details from scammers and hackers while you are using social media for business. Being a highly viral medium, it doesn’t take time to spread rumors.

It is not an easy task to regain your business image once it has been tarnished. Therefore, you should always take precaution and have certain security measures in place. It’s also used as an open source stalker and spammer to spread viruses and obtain private contact information

Given social networking ‘s popularity as a marketing tool, students are being taught the advantages and disadvantages of social networks and how to improve their social networking skills. If you want this communication tool to be used optimally you should proceed as follows.

• Function with defined intent and plan in mind.

• Spreading the word of your business by entering all of the social media platforms at once is enticing. This technique aren’t going to work. Alternatively, you can concentrate on creating one profile at a time. Opt on creating a profile on the market with the biggies.

• Aim for a particular audience or one that is truly interested in your business.

• Familiarize yourself with the social network, so you can take advantage of its functionality.

• It’s good to work with a dashboard, because you’ve got everything at a glance. Leave Comments and Links. Pay attention to feedback made about your entries, too.

Those advantages and disadvantages of social networks are concepts that you need to learn. These principles are vital for the continued survival of your online business.

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