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What Is EPC In Affiliate Marketing and Why Is It So Important?

by Herm6nn
what is epc in affiliate marketing

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Particularly when you start in internet marketing and affiliate marketing, it’s easy to get lost in this industry’s terminology.

One of the words confounding beginners is EPC, or Earnings Per Clicks.

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When selecting an affiliate program to promote from platforms such as Clickbank or ShareaSale, this term is associated with each affiliate program available.

EPC is a measured association between clicks and earnings typically calculated for the last 7 or 30 days. This will show you how good a program is and how it works for you.

So if an affiliate product has $190 7-day EPC, it means affiliates receive $190 per 100 clicks on an average observation period of 7 days. That can be broken down further to 1-click value: $1.90.

This one of those things you should carefully consider when selecting affiliate programs to promote. Some programs may promise a big cut, but then provide a very low EPC, while others may give a slightly smaller percentage cut for each product sold, but a higher EPC. That meant the latter product is more popular and I will end up promoting the product with higher EPC.

Essentially, EPC will give you a very clear indication of whether or not a substance is sellable. Whenever I enter a specific affiliate program, I’m always on an EPC lookout, and you should be on it too.

EPC In Affiliate Marketing

EPC affiliate programs are systems that pay commissions per 100 clicks achieved, making it easy to determine side-by-side profitability of different affiliate relationships, as well as showing how different promotions and ties perform for the same product or partner relative to each other.
For example, claim you operate under the same affiliate scheme with two separate affiliate partners.

If one of the scheme’s EPC results shows you’re getting fewer total clicks, but earning more per 100 clicks than the other scheme, you may want to consider dropping the lower-paid scheme to put more effort into the more lucrative alternative or focusing on the scheme which is performing poorly to boost your results.

Additionally, if you use lots of different links for one scheme and promote them in different ways and locations, the EPC formula will tell you which links and channels generate the best yield, enabling you to either focus on these areas or work to develop less efficient links.

How To Use Epc To Improve Marketing Campaigns

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Working out the EPC for each of your affiliate relationships and individual ties and promotions offers a helpful and simple way to see if your efforts pay off, and what’s going right – or wrong!

Here are some of the ways EPC can help you compare and improve your marketing campaigns.

  • Measure earnings per click to see how much you receive from each campaign or affiliate scheme.
  • Compare various affiliate partners side-by-side to see the one receives the most, regardless of the click base value.
  • Create which website or advertisement platform you use produces the highest yield and revenue.
  • Determine how different ties compare to each other.
  • Match historical data to see if the campaigns are progressing or slowing down.
  • If you benefit more from easier-to-reach lower-cost sign-ups or higher-cost sign-ups that aren’t easy to win.
  • Judge whether the paid advertisement is worth the money by identifying how much you benefit and how much you pay.
  • Spot and repair issues such as invalid links, high bounce rates, and broken links.
  • Perform A / B research to assess the most productive and successful edition of your website.

Final Thoughts

You are now armed with enough knowledge on what Is EPC In Affiliate Marketing. Now you can not only to address this term but also to apply it to your marketing strategy.

Understand the types of EPCs, what they indicate to you as an affiliate marketer, and how you might boost your EPC, and you’ll soon see increased sales.

Hope you enjoyed reading this post. And if it’s beneficial, share it with friends or colleagues. Return to me and let me know about any marketing tips you’ve gained over the years.

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